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Pray For The Lamberth Family!


On Friday I had heard the news of Mark Lamberths motorcycle accident through Carlos Whittakers twitter. I was bummed to hear of such a young guy with such a young family fighting for his life. I got a call on Saturday morning from one of my awesome vocalists, Mandy Lamberth, to which she informed me that she wouldn’t be able to sing this Sunday because one of her family members had been in a bad motorcycle wreck. 2 and 2 came together and I realized this was the same story.

Anyways, I just wanted to encourage all of my readers to pray for the Lamberths and leave them a comment of encouragment if you can. I don’t know Mark or Angie, but, it’s in these moments that the outpouring of encouragement can help carry some of the weight. You can find out more on this story through a blog that the family is keeping up to the minute about what’s happening with him. In the meantime, pray for his wife Angie and their son Nolan. They really need God to do a miracle in his body and these are critical hours.

Classic WOW!

So back in August of 2007 we did a ‘sex’ series here at Cornerstone called ‘Bringing Sexy Back’. It was a blast. We just explored Gods heartbeat for sex in our lives and tried to take the silent issue in the church and bring it back to life. It was a powerful series in which we saw marriages healed, people with porn sites struck with the grace of God to the point of shutting down their lucartive business, sex addictions being confronted and dealt with and a whole list of other amazing God stories.

Anyways, I just found out about this little video today and all I could do was go, oh well.  It’s, sadly, a bit humorous when people take things out of context and try to prove a point. This group of folks or individual sliced up some video of our Pastor and put in their commentary overlays to ‘call him out’. Pretty effective. Ha!

I just wish the Kingdom of God had some more peacemakers. I had a guy recently tell me to ‘STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR SOMETHING YOU SPINELESS CHRISTIANS’…this has been thrown at me before, but, it just simply isn’t the way of Jesus. What if we really could have adult conversations about how we approach topics like sex in the church. What would happen in the case that even if we did disagree we could still have the capacity to say things in a loving way. I know this is like the impossible dream, but, this video just reminded me that in or out of relationship with Jesus we will disagree. I just think we can do that with dignity. Anyways, with dignity, I think this video is a great example of how I disagree with taking things Pastors say WAAAAYY out of context.

Anyways, you just have to watch it. It’s pretty interesting (the commentary). What are your thoughts?

A Quick Survey…

i’ve been asked to compile just a few statistics from those of you that read my blog.

The question is what Christian Bands/Artists would you most like to see in a very well produced live film recording? I need your top 5-10…trust me your input is important and think about it from a live show perspective and then sound off.

Here are mine:

1. Mute Math

2. Switchfoot

3. Family Force Five

4. Delirious

5. Hillsong United

6. Phil Wickham

7. Fee

8. Future of Forestry

9. Starfield

10. Robbie Seay Band

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see a full on film of these guys just going off? This is Darren the drummer of Mute Math doing his crazy thing -

King of Kings Skate Ministry


A great day today! Golfing with a bunch of skaters, well, we golfed and they drove golf carts around and heckled us. It was a good time and a few of us from Cornerstone got the privillege of swinging the sticks to support these guys.

If you don’t know about their ministry…GET TO KNOW IT! If you have kids that skate make sure they know about them. These guys are studs and they are radically in love with Jesus. They’ve got one guy name, Brian Sumner, who is an internationally renown skater that is on the team. He road for Tony Hawk for the past 12 years. INCREDIBLE story of the rescue of God in his life. Here’s a video of Brian Sumner:

If you have a church – BOOK THEM – I promise you it will be a great event and students will get to see and meet these guys and they’ll speak about Jesus with intentionality.

Also, check out their new film called BURL FACTOR – it’s VERY WELL done.

BURL FACTOR Trailer 2 – VIDEO OUT NOW! from BWALL on Vimeo.

Rock the Vote!



first off, who did you vote for today!? did you vote? if you didn’t here’s my pole:

I had an incredibly awesome experience as an American voter in these last couple days. Last night, I had the chance to sit down on go over all of the candidates, all of the props and all of the issues. It has been a simply fantastic time, personally, to regain a love for this country and it’s possibilities. It’s been awesome to discuss with friends, families, pastors, right, left, moderates and more on what it means to be American.

The thing that I’ve most appreciated are the dialogues I’ve been able to have on what it means to be Kingdom Agents in America. I’ve sensed that a fundamental responsibility I have as a Christ follower is to vote through a Kingdom lens and to be a Kingdom agent with how I struck the ballot today.

I’ve personally had HUNDREDS of dialogues on this stuff and some of my favorite ones with Promise, Chip and Amy Neal, my brother, my co-workers and those of you who read my blog. As Chip and I prayed this morning, after we voted, at the end of the day God is still God and His sovereign plan is still coming regardless of who’s gonna sleep in The White House for the next 4 years. What a hope we have in Jesus and we do have a responsibility to reflect Him well, if we claim to be following Him, as we go to the Polls today.


The last thing is that I, honestly, for the first time in awhile, just felt so proud to be an American (can you hear the song just caressing your ears…hahahah?!). The above picture is of the line I stood in at 5:45am this morning with a bunch of excited Americans that were ready to vote. It was awesome! I love that we can actually be a voice for the Kingdom in how we vote. I love that I can discuss, agree and disagree openly and honestly. I love that we are FREE. How liberating. Be proud today and high five someone and just say ‘WOO-HOO, America’. hahaha. Is anyone else feeling me on this one?! It is such a blessing to live in this country!!??

Thanks to all of you that read this blog and interact on it and I hope to further be a source of great dialogue that challenges us to think deeply and respond carefully! it’s a lot of fun. I’d love to hear your experience through this process and how you felt today.

Barack Obama and Donald Miller – Millers Reasons on Why He’s Voting for Barack Obama

This is a thought provoking interview with Donald Miller, especially, as we are, literally, days away from this election. It’s good to know why you’re casting the vote for your candidate and I think Donald Miller presents some great thoughts in this interview.

This interview was done through a blog that he founded called The Burnside Writers Blog. I’d love to hear your comments on what you read here. Do you think he brings some good things to the table in this interview? Does it make you look at the election any differently? What did you disagree with in this interview and WHY (back it up, don’t just disagree)?

READ AWAY and sound off-

Donald Miller is the best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz, Searching for God Knows What, Through Painted Deserts and To Own a Dragon. He is currently writing his fifth book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, which explores the principles of story-telling in our lives. A feature film is in the works based on Blue Like Jazz, and Don is also in collaboration with the filmmakers behind Nooma for a film series titled Transitus. Don also founded The Mentoring Project (formerly The Belmont Foundation), a non-profit organization which is recruiting ten-thousand mentors through one-thousand church-based mentoring programs.

Don is currently touring with the Obama campaign’s “Faith, Family and Values Tour”, conducting forums in battleground states. On Tuesday, Don spoke in Colorado Springs. We wanted to give him a chance to explain why he made the controversial decision to campaign for Barack Obama.

(Full disclosure: Donald Miller is also the founder of the Burnside Writers Collective, and currently serves as an advisor for us when time allows. He is an invaluable friend and supporter. That said, thoughtful critics, both independent and conservative, have raised some good points in objection to Don’s decision to campaign for Obama. The following questions were drafted by Burnside editors Jordan Green and John Pattison.)

Burnside: Can you lay out your biggest reasons for supporting Barack Obama?

Donald Miller:
First off, I know this is an odd thing for somebody in my position to do, to support a candidate for President. But I do feel this candidate is unique. Barack is the only candidate willing to talk about his faith in Jesus. Other candidates are reluctant, but Obama is not. He is the only one who has consistently talked about the cross, about redemption, and about repentance. Many white evangelicals have a misconception about Barack…they believe that because he is a Democrat, he cannot be a Christian. But times have changed, culture has changed, and political parties change. So one of the reasons I support Barack is because he is my Christian brother, and other Christians are rejecting him.

But that has little to do with his candidacy. In short, there are a few issues I agree with Barack on.

Senator Obama is going to move us past the impasse in our cultural war, something I think of as a cultural Vietnam. On the issue of abortion, he is the only candidate who has a plan to reduce the number of abortions. John McCain’s only plan is the same old trick: say that you are pro life and offer no plan at all other than to criminalize abortion. I simply think that plan hasn’t worked, and we have to face that fact and look for other ways to make progress.

I realize this is controversial, that there are many who would rather vote for a pro-life candidate and keep the abortion rate the same, on principle. And like them I believe in the sanctity of life, I simply think we need to begin making progress, and Barack is offering progress. He is also standing up to his own party on the issue and moving the party forward to elevate the issue of the sanctity of life within the Democratic Party. I also see this as progress. I do wish we could end abortion completely, but the Republicans have not spelled out a realistic plan to do so, and until they do, I won’t vote for a candidate who simply throws us a pro-life line and no plan. It seems insincere.

But let me add this: I do wish Obama were pro-life. His plan to reduce the rate of abortion is a great step for the party, but I also wish he would defend the unborn to a greater degree.

However, at this point, in this election, with these two candidates, I think progress will be made with Barack. Not enough progress, but some progress, especially within the Democratic party, who may soften their stand on the sanctity of life.

A personal connection with me regarding Obama involves the initiative he is taking with responsible fatherhood. He has already drawn up legislation to change the welfare state to stop rewarding families whose fathers leave, and is working to change the economic structure so fathers who stay with their families are given tax relief. This has been an age-old problem that was written about in George Gilder‘s book Sexual Suicide. (Gilder’s) book is a Conservative’s economic manifesto, but Barack sees a lot of value in Gilder’s ideas. But because Barack is a Democrat, Conservatives are unable to even consider his ideas.

BWC: A lot of folks view overturning Roe v. Wade as a pipe dream. But electing John McCain could very likely tip the scales of the Supreme Court toward the conservative side, and Roe v. Wade could be overturned. Do you think the impact of Barack Obama’s plans on abortion would outweigh an outright reversal of the Supreme Court’s decision?

Don: If McCain cared about the issue of abortion enough, he would move forward on the issue. He might draft a constitutional amendment that would make abortion specifically unconstitutional, the way George W. Bush talked of doing with gay marriage. George W. Bush could have done something like this when he had majority votes in both houses of Congress.

But I feel like they didn’t touch the issue because it would have cost them politically. I simply do not see McCain’s stand on abortion being as strong as conservatives think it is. He changed his mind on the issue only a few years ago, in fact. I think it’s a ploy to get votes. If McCain were strong on the issue, he would call it murder, saying abortion should be criminalized, and perhaps Cindy McCain would talk about the issue. Sara Palin would talk about how abortion should be criminalized.

Instead, they throw the pro-life line at us and go on doing nothing. It should make conservatives furious, but it doesn’t. It’s like the argument has become a game about racking up rhetorical points, rather than saving lives. I see this as hypocritcal, and I support Obama’s plan to make actual headway on this issue. The future may change this for me, but at this point, I see some hope on the horizon.

BWC: Is there something to be learned from the failures of the Religious Right? For 30 years, they’ve aligned themselves with the Republican party with very little to show…are you concerned your decision to campaign is just a pendulum swing to the Left?

Don: I don’t know that there is little to show. Religious leaders are very powerful, and Republicans cater to them and cannot win without the religious vote. That said, Republicans have pitched us two issues and reduced the Christian worldview to Gay Marriage and Abortion.

They had to do that because their economic policies are Biblically debatable. And occasionally there are battles won on the two fronts they’ve given the white church, but if you are asking if it was worth it to sell the church to the Republican Party, I would say no. Abortion is still legal, and many Democrats oppose gay marriage. So I don’t see the use in staying in this impasse any longer.

BWC: Some church leaders advocate an “Endorse no one, advise everyone” policy. Do you see yourself breaking from this mindset?

Don: I suppose so. I intend to vote for Obama, so I would consider that an endorsement. I feel free to talk about that. I don’t have a cynicism about elected leaders. I think they are human, that The Fall happened to them just like it happened to me. I recently went to Uganda with a diplomat who, because of his rank and power, could start the court system up in the north, and get kids out of prison who should have gotten off with time served. There is so much good that only diplomats can do.

I think it is very fashionable to remain independent right now, but I don’t see the use. I am willing to look uncool to help the first African-American become President, and to have a strong, Christian leader in the White House. Besides, if I were not willing to work alongside somebody, I doubt they’d be calling to ask for my advice. I see this as a historical race, and I want to be willing to take some heat as an early adapter. And there are many early adapters.

Most evangelicals polled will vote for Barack. It is only the very conservative, mostly white suburban churched who are leaning toward McCain. Today on the news I heard a pastor say you could not possibly be a Christian and vote for Barack Obama. I cringed when I heard it, because yesterday in Colorado I met with about thirty African-American pastors who love Jesus and know Jesus, who will be voting for Barack. I wondered what they might think when they hear something like that, an angry white man telling them they do not know Jesus, and that they are going to hell. When we pick up a bullhorn and speak from within our insular communities, without so much as talking to people who come from another perspective, we do a great deal of damage. I don’t want to be a part of that. But I don’t think my endorsement of Barack is quite like that. I am not saying to the church that they do not know Jesus unless they vote for Barack, or that they are going to go to hell or anything. I am simply saying I am voting for Barack, and explaining why.

BWC: Do you see a difference between voting for a candidate and campaigning for a candidate?

Don: I see a difference socially. We consider it patriotic to vote, but unfashionable to campaign. But that doesn’t matter to me right now. I want to be on the right side of history on this one. Ethically, I do not believe it is wrong to campaign. Biblically, I don’t think it’s wrong either. It just doesn’t look cool, that’s all.

Twenty years from now, when my children asked what I did during this historical campaign, I want to tell them that I went out and worked, made calls, went door to door, and was able to stump for Barack. There are many in my parents generation who regret not being able to say that they worked hard during the civil rights movement, and I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

BWC: You’ve mentioned the goal of ending the violent rhetoric of the “Culture War”. While the division of America has been perpetuated by both sides, a statement like “Stop The Culture War” seems more directed at conservatives, and could be viewed as rhetoric in and of itself. How, practically, do we bring about an end to that sort of language? Do you think the values on either side of the culture war are truly in conflict?

Don: I don’t intend that statement toward conservatives alone. I think both sides feel like the other side is the enemy. But I know both sides. And both sides have very good people working hard to do what they feel is right. I think we have to make it clear that because we support one candidate doesn’t mean we hate the other. I don’t hate John McCain. I like him, in fact. But when I do the math, Obama is my candidate.

I hate the negative advertisements just like everybody else. But those advertisements work on the ignorant, and it gets simple thinkers heated up. We just have to have the discipline to be civil. Many of my friends will vote for McCain, and members of my family too. But it doesn’t matter to me. Family comes first, and so do friends. When I’m on my deathbed, Barack Obama and John McCain won’t be there, but my friends and family will. So they come first, and they are more important. I just won’t let myself get too heated about this stuff. It’s not worth it.

BWC: Are Christians participating in the electoral process are being forced to choose “the lesser of two evils”? I don’t mean to say Barack Obama or John McCain are evil, but supporting either side seems to demand a compromise of our beliefs on some level. Maybe our anti-abortion stance supersedes our beliefs on war, and vice versa.

Don: I think this is basically true, but I’m not drawn to the negative tone of that popular phrase. I don’t think John McCain or Barack Obama are evil. I think they are both good men. But the fall happened, and so things here on earth are messy and no leader is going to be perfect until Christ comes back. Until then, we educate ourselves on the issues, do some careful math, and vote for a candidate that we think will govern the best.

CompassionArt, Delirious – A Movement

What is CompassionArt?

If you don’t yet know about CompassionArt it’s time to get familiar. This movement has such radical potential for the Kingdom of God. Martin Smith, front man for the epic band Delirious and his wife, Anna, are following the next dream God has put in their hearts for this next season of their lives. Delirious will come to a closing chapter in the very near future from what we can tell.

I, personally, believe that God has been sort of priming the pump for what this movement could do to meet the needs of those that are less fortunate. Those being traded out in the sex slave, those without food and water, those without a mother or father, the oppressed and those who don’t yet have the hope in the liberating power of our ressurected Jesus! This is a movement that’s after the heart of God and I pray that it sweeps the world with crazy success.

Try and get throught his vision and look at the people that are involved in this project. Some of the Christian music worlds most talented and prophetic songwriters/worship leaders and hearts! The below is from the CompassionArt Website under their vision piece.

So what is CompassionArt?!

You want the short answer? Here it goes;

CompassionArt is a charity that joins the dots between art and poverty. It raises money to help breathe life into the poorest communities, restoring hope and igniting justice.

You’ve got a bit more time? Try this;

It all started with a sense that music really ought to be able to sit well with justice. Yet in a world of album sales and royalty cheques, it can be hard to see how the two link up. So, a plan evolved; create a little music (and eventually, quite a bit more) and use all of the money from those album sales and royalty cheques to support those working among the world’s poorest communities.

These thoughts came first to the heads and hearts of Martin and Anna Smith. Martin’s years at the front of the stage with Delirious have given him a unique perspective; across every continent he has seen at first hand the potential that music has to connect. And he has seen poverty – the crushing sort, the type that chokes hope and suffocates life. And he has seen remarkable people doing remarkable things to break poverty’s hold.

In January 2008 – after a year and a half of planning – Martin and Anna were joined by 11 other songwriters for the first CompassionArt retreat. Next to a Scottish Loch a few hours north of Glasgow were these dozen writers who between them had written pretty much every song the church has been singing over the last decade.

A week later and the group emerged with a whole load of new songs that are bound to provide the soundtrack for the coming years; songs that answered the question ‘what’s faith got to do with poverty?’

Four weeks later and the writers were gathered in Abbey Road to record the best fifteen tracks from the retreat.

Five days later and they had the bones of an album.

In the months that followed Martin and fellow producers Les Moir and Matt Bronleewe added the flesh, drawing in yet more artists from the world of Christian music.

And as the music took shape so too did the plot; each of the twelve writers nominated a charity to which 1/24th of CompassionArt royalties will go to. The remaining 50 per cent of the funds raised will be distributed among projects that CompassionArt wants to give extra support – such as the Watoto community in Uganda. There, orphaned children are given food, shelter, education and a loving, caring home as they rebuild their lives. CompassionArt will provide funding for a series of music and arts centres that support the world-famous Watoto Children’s Choir, as well as offering essential training for those wanting to pursue a future in the arts.

Today – a few months before the release of the first CompassionArt album – there is anticipation draped all over the project. The involvement of the twelve writers; Michael W Smith, Israel Houghton, Darlene Zschech, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Stu G, Chris Tomlin, Graham Kendrick, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Andy Park and Paul Baloche didn’t just guarantee plenty of exposure. Their skills have combined to make an album that pushes, inspires and challenges in all the right places.

The story has covered so many pages already, yet in many ways it has yet to really begin. This first album – as well as the book that partners it – will generate income for years to come, giving compassion and art a more meaningful way of working together.

Engaged – The Journey

I could not be more ecstatic to tell the world that I am engaged to be married to the most amazing girl in all of the world. Promise is the best friend I’ve ever had and it’s so clear that God made us for each other. What an exciting time for us and I’ll be honest; I’m underserving of the love that she gives me.

The journey of our lives has the story of God written all over it and we give Him all the credit for guiding the steps we’ve taken. Our parents get mad props too for the way they’ve prayed for us and trusted God for us.

We’ve been on the journey to this moment for the past, almost, 2 years. It’s been a journey of thousands of miles, weeks a part, lots of travel, cell phones, text mesages, emails, coordinating calendars, more cell phones, missing each other, moving thousands of miles, finding Promise a job, living in the same city, learning and falling so crazy in love with each other every minute of it!

Saturday, October 11th, 2008 was an extremely special day in my life. It was a day that I’ve been thinking about and planning on for a while now. It was truly a holy moment as I got to look the one that I love in the eyes and ask her if she would spend the rest of her life with me?! So here’s how the story goes:

Promise and I have this weird affinity for photo shoots. Yes, it’s a bit self-glorifying, but, it’s something we just have a blast doing together. With that in mind, I asked Promise if she’d be up for doing a photo shoot and she was totally game. It was my safest lure. So we planned it for Saturday evening Ocotber 11th, 2008.

I had an idea of using this desert park in the Phoenix area that sits in the urban interface called Papago Park. I’d been to this park a time or two as it is very close to Sky Harbor Airport. I’d actually found it when my brothers flight was delayed and I had some time to kill as i waited. The first time I explored Papago Park it was a beautiful day with big puffy clouds in the sky and i watched the sun set over the beautiful cityscape of Phoenix. It was a very memorable experience for me as I was reminded of the creative God that is so tangibly seen in moments like those; He really knows how to paint on this canvas called earth. What I didn’t realize was that this spot would have profound meaning for my life just a couple years later.

As Promise and I have been moving closer towards the idea of marriage this spot came to mind, but, only because I thought it was really pretty. I wasn’t necessarily certain, but, as my idea began to form I thought this place had some potential. It all made sense after I made a little scout trip with my dear friend Chip Neal. We went out to the spot just to check it out and it was feeling good as we explored. At the end of our exploration we took some time to just pray over the spot. As I was praying I got a picture that i really believe was prophetic.

The picture that came to mind wasn’t new thought, but, profoundly important to me and our future marriage. As I was praying and just looking around me I was standing in the middle of this barren desert and looking out towards the city. I was reminded that the sustaining life of the desert is dependent on whatever God gives it and that our marriage (or life for that matter) will be the best as we learn, together, how to depend on God for everything we need. One of the coolest pieces of this vision was the understanding that as we learn to live standing in the desert God invites us to join Him in a reality beyond our own possibility. The city has that vibe. It’s exciting, forward moving, innovative, dreamy, romantic and seems to have endless possibility. The city is what God wants for our lives and marriages. I believe we experience that best as we step back in to the desert and learn to hear His voice and know Him deeply so that we can join Him well in the work of the Kingdom. At that point I knew this was the spot and that this would be a place where God would meet us and bring us into this next step! I had the chance to share this with Promise just after i asked her if she would marry me. It was a VERY SPECIAL, emotional and holy moment as I got to share with her what the Lord showed me in that place.

Backing up though, we pulled in to Papago Park at around 5:30pm. We were already running against the daylight for our photo shoot. We got there and I’m telling you I had a plan for how this would go. We’d take some pictures, we’d meander to the spot that I liked, she’d have her camera on her tripod and on a self-timed picture I’d ask her to marry me. Well, it was a GREAT plan, but, 40 MPH winds changed that situation. Apparently, proposals rarely go the way you plan them and I can now be a voice that it’s true.

I had a specific spot picked out on top of this desert mountain that looked over the city and as the sun set, bla, bla, bla… Well, the wind was not my friend on this night and Promise was quickly becoming less interested in this spot for the shoot as the wind blew and she became even colder. With a bit of coaxing we kept moving and she said, ‘maybe i can just take some of you for now’. At this point I’m thinking, uhh, this is not what i was thinking but…okay. I had to then figure out a way to convince her to let me take some pictures of her and eventually I got the camera from her and snapped a couple. These are some of the photos she took of me and a couple that I took of her right before the big moment. I was, roughly, filling my own diaper in nervousness knowing that I was literally moments away from asking her.

After taking a few photos of her, I, nervously, asked Promise if she wanted some water…because, of course, you ALWAYS want water when the wind is blowing 40mph, it’s 60 degrees and you don’t want to be where you’re at. She said, ‘that sounds good’ and I reached in to get her water, handed it to her and reached back into my backpack. As I reached back into my backpack, I fumbled around knowing I needed to grabbing the ring and thinking OH WOW, HERE WE GO. Out came the ring and down went my knee and we shared in that special moment together. The good news is she said YES (3 times…wooo)! These are photos moments after I asked her:

We shared that fantastic moment on bended knee, of course (huge thanks to Matt Winters my dear friend who is the Director at Tiffany & Co. in Tuscon, AZ who helped us pick this ring), and I told her that I had another surprise for her. We proceeded around the hill from where we were at and headed towards a Ramada, with prime views looking out over the city, that my amazing friends set up for us. As we turned the corner the guys lit the thing up with rope lights and we made our way there. I had the guys set this beautiful spot up with a linen covered table, roses, plates, silverware – the works! I brought in dinner from our favorite Thai Food place in Scottsdale called Malees.

In addition, the guys had trucked a 200 pound, 5000w generator out to this site so we could have power out there. Did I mention that I have the best friends ever. Meet Chip Neal, Seth Wells and Steve Adame. These guys worked their butts off to make this thing fly. They trucked the generator and everything else over a mile UP HILL to get this thing set up for us.

We needed the power because they set up a projector, sound system and a LARGE screen (mind you with 40+ MPH winds). Seriously studly. It looked like the boy scouts had showed up and taken care of business with the contraption they had to make so that the screen didn’t become a sail.

You have to understand that my goal was to make this night unique and ALL about Promise. A few things Promise loves: photoshoots, the outdoors, thai food, chocolate, big fluffy things (hence the LoveSac Bean Bag), roses, me (of course) and MOVIES!! SHE LOVES MOVIES. So we trucked out a FULL ON screen, projector and system so that we could watch a movie that she’s been asking me to watch with her since we started dating. The movie – THE NOTEBOOK (superb might i add. touched nicely under clear skies and a phoenix cityscape).

We got to share all of that together and then we rode these ridiculously fun little scooters out of the park and back to my truck.

At that point Promise was pretty certain the night was over, but, the more surprises the better. I had worked with Seth and Crystal Wells and, her current roommates) Chad and Nicole Ainsworth to plan a little surprise engagement thing with just a few very close friends. We pulled up to their house and she had NO IDEA. They greeted us at the door invited us in and 15-20 dear friends jumped out with Congratulations. It really was the icing on the cake. Speaking of cakes, they had her favorite chocolate cake from costco there for her to eat more of and nicole cooked betty crocker brownies. It really was a special night that have memories we’ll take with us on our journey through life.

I have to say it was an amazing day. We are so excited about beginning to plan a life together and to be fiances (haha). I could not be more grateful for the woman that Promise is and continues to become. She surprises me every day, loves me so well, challenges me to become the man I should be becoming, prays for me, makes me laugh, inspires me and ultimately makes me better! I’m so thankful that the girl I’m gonna marry is my best friend. The face on this girl was worth every minute of planning, thinking, coordinating and delivering. DID I MENTION SHE’S A HANDS DOWN KNOCK OUT TOO! I know I’m marrying up boys. Stay tuned as we get the chance to plan our wedding and pray for us as we bring our lives together in these days. A date coming soon…

TO GET PROMISE’S ANGLE CHECK IT – http://promisetangeman.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/im-engaged-to-my-best-friend-101108/

ConversantLife.com – I’m blogging for them!

EXPERT BLOGGING – How in the world did I get invited to do that!? Well, my friend Chris Kottre (ht – he told me that means ‘hat-tip’ in the blog world, so there you go chris) actually shared my blog with a guy named CJ over at conversantlife.com. We met last month and now I’m blogging, as an EXPERT blogger, for them. 

ConversantLife.com is a really cool concept. It’s kind of a myspace/facebook of the blog world with focused writers on various subject matter and it’s a lot of it is written through a faith lens. Very cool stuff and I highly recommend that you go get a username over there and check out what they have going on.

I’ll be blogging for them once a week and I’m really looking forward to it. I just submitted my first blog entry, ‘introductions’, last night. ConversantLife is a publishing company. They publish some guys you might have heard of and some guys I deeply respect and that I’ve actually had the chance to work alongside. Guys like Mike Erre, Teaching Pastor at Rock Harbor in Newport Beach, Ca, and Richard Dahlstrom, a prolific leader, author and pastor from the Seattle area.

Anyways, this a bit of the new journey that i find myself on and it is really fun! Be sure to go give ConversantLife.com a look (you can use your facebook login if you have one) and leave me a comment over there just for giggles! Happy clicking!

Jesus is Way Cool – A Must See Video


this one just takes the cake. listen closely and look at these beautiful images. thoughts?