N.T. Wright on The Colbert Report…

take a look at this video and ask yourself the question…is it possible that many of us have an extreme misunderstanding of what heaven is or isn’t and how does that shape how we live today if we do?! listen in and hit me back!

 NT Wright – Video

NT Wright is one of my most favorite Author/Thinker/Theologian! also check out his new book, which i’m reading right now, called Surprised by Hope. this book is blowing my mind and a lot of preconceived ideas of heaven. in my opinion this book is a must have:

Surprised by Hope – NT Wright

what are your thoughts?


4 responses to “N.T. Wright on The Colbert Report…

  1. Thanks for sharing that- especially for those of us who don’t really have time to watch TV but really appreciate that clip.

    I love you so I’m thinking that I’ll love your blog too…keep it up!

  2. That was an awkward video at times… I kept waiting for a mind-blowing point from NT but each time Colbert kept interrupting him. It was funny though.

    I have heard NT talk about this before in reference to “Abraham’S Bosom” (Luke 16:22-23)… its pretty interesting. I hope we are wrong about heaven, if we had it all figured out, it wouldn’t be that great.

    BTW, nice to see you blogging, bro!

  3. Joe Humphries

    N.T. Wright is smart and helpful, however his whole agenda should be manifested when purporting him. The gospel rests and survives on the doctrine of Justification. Wright threatens what protestants hold as gospel, therefore numerous scholars have had to confront his unbiblical conclusions. Here is one such book (http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product?item_no=48402&netp_id=472358&event=ESRCN&item_code=WW&view=covers#curr). Wright is a stud and I have a lot of his books. John Piper has also had to write a hole book against the implications of Wright’s gospel (The future of Justification). Thought I’d add that-I wasnt sure if you were aware of the trouble he posits.
    P.S. Whats up brian w-Im good.

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