Arise 2008…

i’ve had the privilege of journeying alongside of some amazing people for the last few years and some in particular stand out. i’ve been connected with a guy named Matt Maher (many of you will know his song, ‘Your Grace is Enough’ thanks to Chris Tomlin). anyways…i’ve had the chance to get to know Matt over the past couple years and he’s introduced me to many of his close friends in the last year and they’ve become some of my new and dearest friends. 

All that to say, Matt had kind of primed the pump with a group that he’s very connected with called Youth Arise and said ‘we need to get this guy to come out to our next conference’. so his buddy Tam fired me up in the winter of 2007 and asked if i’d be interested in coming to be a part of a conference they put on called ‘Arise’. i went as a Community Group Leader in 2007 and it was a fantastic experience! 

I was invited back to lead again for the 2008 conference and it was just a blast. i’ve been learning so much about community, church history, worship, music and my part in being a stream for ecumenism (maybe this is worth a good blog at some point later).

My time with these guys back in May 2008 was, nevertheless, amazing! i just wanted to share some pictures from the conference. these guys are some of the most committed Followers of Jesus and when the pray, my gosh, when they pray!!!!

This is Ike Indolo, me and Matt Maher (where’s TAM LE?).

leading some song…

what key? oh yeah, A? capo 2 in G…cool, yeah i got it! 🙂 (inside joke for worship leaders)

Obviously, i’m somewhere else right now…believing it with all my heart. sometimes it’s nice not to have to be out in front leading, but, to be on the stage with great dudes who can bring it heavy!

this is where beauty comes from. my community group just praying over me and my ministry. it was a very cool weekend to spend with them. an amazing group of people sold out on praying for one another and taking their journey with Jesus forward in a communal/missional way.

let me just say that the most amazing part in all of this is that i’m hanging out with a bunch of CATHOLICS!! we’re having great dialogues, awesome prayer times, phenomenal dreams and learning a ton from each other! hahaha…there is a movement happening in the Catholic Church and particularly in some of the Parishes that really is phenomenal. i’m grateful to be the ‘token proddy (protestant)’ as they call me amongst this particlar group of them. it’s been an incredible journey so far and let me just say we’re merely at the beginning my Catholic brotha’s and sista’s! 

If you don’t have Matt Maher’s stuff you need to get your hands on it. he’s got a new record out called “empty and beautiful’ and i tell every Worship Leader that they MUST own his record called ‘overflow’.

Also, you need to be sure to check out his shirts, design, etc… The love of my life, Promise Tangeman, does all of the Matt Maher Bands Design. You can peek at some of her designs on her Flickr. also, check out her blog too…we’re both on this blog thing together.


4 responses to “Arise 2008…

  1. Charlene Barnachea

    Hey Brian! Kudos from Fullerton/Long Beach, California area who helped lead the Orange People in a wonderful icebreaker of tipping the cow and pimping the fro’. Didn’t get a chance to meet you personally but this is a wonderful blog!

    I just wanted to comment really quickly on the part where you mentioned Matt Maher’s music, specifically ‘Overflow’. Hands down one of the best things I’ve come across. Funny thing is that it was given to me for my birthday two years ago and it wasn’t until now that I actually took the time to listen and really REALLY be led and moved in the spirit by his words and melody. BEYOND awesome.

  2. There’s a girl with her eye’s open in that prayer pic… does that negate the prayer?

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