Mark 1

I spent some time just kind of soaking up scripture, prayer and a bit of some ideas on the Resurrection from N.T. Wrights book ‘Surprised by Hope: rethinking heaven, the resurrection and the mission of the church’. it was a fantastic time of private worship. 

I read out of Psalm 22, Daniel 1 and Mark 1. all of the scripture was beautiful and good for my hear today, but, Mark 1 really stood out to me this morning. i really would encourage you to go have a look at it and just see what things you might grab from the short little passage.

The major themes i really grabbed as i watched the thread of Jesus in this passage were these following points (starting from the top of chapter 1 to the end of chapter 1):

1. Healing

2. Rest in me

3. Simplify

4. trust firmly through adversity and watch God work

5. Healing

I love that the book ends on Mark 1 show Jesus healing. He is the Healer, Restorer, Satisfier, Hope Giver, Abundant Life, Prolific Physician, Sustainer, Guide, Hope, Hand Holder and Re-definer. I wonder if you read that passage and find anything like i’ve found. 

I’m excited to continue to read out of Mark in my time with God and i’d love to invite you to join me along the journey of reading the Gospel of Mark. i’m not gonna set a time frame, but, just maybe throw out the invitation. 

I really would love to hear what you learn out of Mark 1 and i’d also ask did anything God showed me this morning resonate with you as you looked at Mark 1?  

here’s the link to read it online! MARK 1 (NIV)

Comment away and let’s be an avenue of healing, rest, simplicity, trust and more healing to each other and to all we come into contact with today and beyond!


4 responses to “Mark 1

  1. I like this passage because it is so controversial and beautiful…
    First, Mark (or someone) misquotes Isaiah. He attributes a passage from Malachi 3:1 to the prophet in Isaiah 40:3. It shows the humanity behind this part of the Bible.
    Second, many people use verse 4 & 5 to say that baptism is necessary for the remission of sins… (ie Jesus was baptized under John who preached this).
    Finally, there is beauty in the miracles to me. I love how Peter’s mother-in-law was healed of presumably typhoid and then gets up and serves the disciples. Basically, Jesus saves people to serve others.
    I just read this a week ago… good stuff.

  2. i hope to read this one of these days. so far i have started with the gigantic book on Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I am so blown away by how many misperceptions we have about heaven. all my interest in this began with a little controversy from nt wright and his article in christianity today which was an excerpt from this book, surprised by hope. oh, perspective! love your blog, looking forward to reading more! =)

  3. Axe of the Gods

    Great thoughts man. Reminds me a lot of the messages over at chairos church of the Highlands. I really like the way they do things. Instead of verbals N.T Wright melts peoples minds.

  4. Axe of the Gods

    FYI my last name has 2 ll’s. No worries. I know its hard for a mainstager to remember

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