cleaning, sick, graduation, mustache…


after a good, hard and long few days i hit the blog world again! hahaha. how radically addicting blogging is, are you with me? i kept thinking about all the different things i could ‘blog’ about over the last few days and i had millions of ideas. do you find yourself like taking a lot of situations and trying to figure out how you could ‘blog it’? hahah.

anyways…this past weekend was fantastic. my older brother, Ben (who plays in a band called Future of Forestry – check them out if you get the chance), graduated from the University of Phoenix (yes, people actually do graduate from there it’s not just and add or corporate buildings in your city). i was looking forward to the weekend as a handful of family was coming out to Phoenix to celebrate bens achievement. 

one of the things that remained lingering was that i needed to get my house cleaned. being that i’m not at home a lot, things can tend to go a bit unattended and in the case of this week…well, let’s just say it needed cleaning.

here is the before pic:

so promise and i got cranking in the morning…promise is my girl…and she made a list and gave us time goals to finish and stuff! hahaha…it was awesome, but, by midday i was not doing well. i got really sick started throwing up, meantime, my family is on the road and the clock is ticking to get things cleaned.

i was ordered to get in bed, and was assured everything would be taken care of for me. 🙂 thus, this is merely one of the reasons i love Promise – she truly did show me love in a tangible way and transformed my house and probably faster than it would have gotten done with me helping! she’s the best (i love you prom)! look at what she did for me:

i am still very grateful! my house looks amazing, plus, she hung a bunch of her art (yes, this is one of the perks of having such an outstanding artist for a girlfriend) in my house. it looks better on walls than in closets in between her shows. i am one lucky guy, i really do love you promise!

anyways…i recovered and ended up going to the graduation out at the Cardinals stadium on Saturday. one thing that never fails to amaze me is the consistency of graduations. i’ll let the pictures tell the story, but, let’s be sure to note that we were and are all incredibly proud of ben and all his long hours of work/study to get his degree finished. this has nothing to do with Ben and everything to do with…well…graduation ceremonies:

oh this is fun….we love you Ben!!!! YAY!!!

Oh is that ‘pomp and circumstance’ that i hear?! wow, this is fantastic!

wow that’s a lot of graduates that are gonna be down there soon! HI BEN, i think we see you and we’ll wave at you even though you were just with us 5 minutes ago, but, now you’re over there and we’re gonna wave to you like it’s your pre-school Christmas play. HAHAHHAHAHA…seriously though…you know this is how it goes…

oh, wow, PS did i mention Stedman Freeman was the Keynote Speaker!? man, for being Oprah’s man he could use some serious tips on personability, engaging a crowd and laughing. so freekin serious like he knew these people or something. long and tiring to listen too and then all these people have to get THEIR NAMES CALLED, INDIVIDUALLY…

out goes Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ray

out goes my sister, bonnie…

out goes me and my girl…

Bonnie is dreaming, my mom is fading and my dad is barely hanging on, wiping his eyes and face like a baby ready for bed…it ended, we left and then…

WHERE DID HE COME FROM?!?! WOW! okay, i must confess, all i could think of was you who read this blog…whoever you are… as i left the University of Phoenix Stadium and took this picture. i actually asked him if could get a picture of that great ‘stache’ like he was some animal at the Zoo! hahaha. the things i’d do for a blog entry. can i just say, however, that this great, strapping, middle-aged man brought joy to my heart. what if i to could one day achieve in this regard? it may not be a college degree for me, but, a ‘stache’ like that i might could do!

good to be blogging again. more on church today later. Mark Connelly from Superstitions Springs Community Church brought down the house! promise has a good stab at it first though…check out her entry from today about ‘thread’.


7 responses to “cleaning, sick, graduation, mustache…

  1. hahahahahahahaa. hahahhhaal GREAT RECAP. it was exactly like that. hahhaa love you

  2. You make me laugh, and I love your green wall.

    I just wanted ot say thank you for being the worship leader you are. You are the reason my hubby and even started attending CS. Your heart is in it, you’re not just singing for a paycheck. I was telling Promise that I grew up as a pastors daughter, so I never had to “church hunt”, I always had a church home. So when we moved here it was frustrating visiting all the churches and trying to make a decision. None of them felt right til CS, our 2nd Sunday we took the membership class, lol.

    For real though, a few weeks ago when you told the crowd at the 8 am they were stagnant, I almost fell to the floor..I was like YES! He said it. B/C you are loved and respected there, it’s great you can up front like that and they receive it. Kudos!

  3. You got to love the way the Tangeman sisters clean! So I hear your going up to Washington again?

  4. Very intertaining!! We had such a good time this weekend….I am proud to call you my son! You write well for not having your degree:) Just kidding…..(about the degree, not your writing ability. And Thank you Sweet Promise for pulliing through for Bri and taking care of him when he need help.

  5. Ha Ha! Is that Daniel Day Lewis in 20 years?
    Also, that pic of your sis kinda looks like Greg Lake from Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Hopefully this link shows:

  6. Definitely did not work.

  7. dude! the ’stache. awesome

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