Cruisin’ and Whalin’…

a good day for me is cruisin with my girl in her pops mustang in silverdale! a good time for sure. today we cruised and checked out this towns biggest event of the year – WHALING DAYS!!! HAHAHA. 


one of promises old time buddies, josh, is in a band called Alligators and they jam! we went down and saw them this afternoon at WHALING DAYS and i was really into they’re sound. they’ve got a very indie rock vibe and it had remnants of the best days of indie rock, circa 1998. they’ve got a sound that resembles the collaborative influences of Pedro the Lion, Tahiti 80, Phoenix, Appleseed Cast and some Jeremy Enigk/Sunny Day Real Estate (vocals). anyways…check out there stuff. they’ve got a new record coming out – so they say! just think you could be the cool kid in your neighborhood that ‘discovered them’. every good indie kid/now mid-twenty year old scenester knows they need a band to try to impress people with…and well…i’m happy to hand you the Alligators. 🙂

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on these guys…take a listen and give me your thoughts!


6 responses to “Cruisin’ and Whalin’…

  1. when do you get back from WA? Patrick told me ya’ll are having lunch manana….

  2. I’m back. can I hire you as my assistant?

  3. i think you need to add me on your side —>

  4. …and don’t forget your 3 o’clock bikini wax appointment.

  5. I really like their sound! I’ll pass them along to people!

  6. (Found you from your comment on Joy Argow’s blog.) Glad you’ve been enjoying your time here in Washington! I’ve been living in Seattle for about a year now, and it’s been lots of fun. Haven’t made it over to Silverdale, but it looks like a great place. :o)

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