Starfield Tickets

this is courtesy of my lovely lady Promise. check out her blog. she’s by far my most favorite designer and artist. she just creates such beauty within that brain of hers and somehow she outputs those creative thoughts on computers, canvas and photos. anyways…if you can’t tell im smitten, but, check out these tickets she did for our upcoming Starfield concert. i love how she stayed within the design of what they’re doing on their myspace/website. very sharp. when’s the last time you’ve seen such amazing concert tickets?


4 responses to “Starfield Tickets

  1. you are such a suck up. hahha. i love you. AND YOU WANT PEOPLE TO GO TO THE SHOW TOO RIGHT?? hahhaa

  2. HEY! don’t make me take my loving comments back. i forgot to add that she can also be quite sassy! 🙂

  3. love the tickets and the sick design… lets see ticket master top that… anyone would be a fool not to buy one or better yet how about fifteen!!!

  4. Can’t wait to see the show! I know that all the bands will rock out for GOD that night. Great job on the ticket design aswell.

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