Uncle Boogers BUMPER DUMPER!


sometimes you just need to have a good laugh and well let’s be honest if you’re kind of into weird stuff this might be for you. i walked in to the infamous ‘green room’, last sunday, after leading the opening set of worship and what was on my computer…yes…this… (note – beware of those who linger in the green rooms while you’re not around. NEVER leave your computer open. hahaa)

anyways…maybe you’ll be interested in Uncle Boogers project, especially if you have an irritable bowel. SO AWESOME:



3 responses to “Uncle Boogers BUMPER DUMPER!

  1. …aahhh…finally a blog from experience. I love hearing about cool things when people discover and enjoy new finds for themselves. Was it difficult to install on your truck?

  2. I’m not sure what the big deal is… my in-laws live in Tennessee and these things are required by state law over there. You can’t register your vehicle unless it has some sort of Vehicular Mounted Toilet (VMT).

  3. Yeah, i have used one before, my buddy that goes hunting all the time has one. It’s a lot nicer then finding a good tree to lean on!!

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