well..sometimes weird stuff happens in the world of ‘Christendom’ and sometimes you just don’t have words. this one is one of those ones where you go…WOW…that really happened. 

About a month ago I started hearing word about this song called ‘Healer’ that was done at the Hillsong Conference in the Summer of 2008. eventually videos surfaced (and have now been removed) of a guy named Michael Guglielmucci and the one I saw was of him telling a story about how he wrote this song called Healer. Many of us watched the video and were moved by the sincerity of his story and then you hear the song and it’s one of those WOAAAAHH this song is really powerful kind of songs. it’s one of those stories/songs that gets ya. you’ll have to check out the lyrics at some point.

We then watched the video and it has him singing the song with an oxygen tank and all. anyways…you kind of get the gist; it was a moving experience at the Hillsong Conference in 2008. The Brayline boys and I were up starting a retreat for Phoenix Christian High School today and were actually talking about the song, thinking about maybe doing the tune, etc… 




Pastor Michael Guglielmucci spun gospel of lies

By Kim Wheatley

August 21, 2008 12:57am

Article from: The Advertiser


  • Pastor told congregation he had cancer
  • Recorded hit song Healer to inspire people
  • He’s a fraud – but he’s getting help


HE preached to thousands about his terminal illness and tugged at hearts with a hit song.

The problem is the pastor wasn’t dying at all

Michael Guglielmucci, who inspired hundreds of thousands of young Christians with his terminal cancer “battle”, has been exposed as a fraud.

Guglielmucci, whose parents established Edge Church International, an Assemblies of God church at O’Halloran Hill in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, now is seeking professional help.

Earlier this year, Mr Guglielmucci released a hit song, Healer , which was featured on Sydney church Hillsong’s latest album.

The song debuted at No. 2 on the ARIA charts.

It since has become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were praying for a miracle for Mr Guglielmucci, who has claimed for two years to be terminally ill.

In one church performance that has attracted 300,000 hits on YouTube, he performs his hit song with an oxygen tube in his nose.

It appears Mr Guglielmucci, who was a pastor with one of Australia’s biggest youth churches, Planetshakers, may even have deceived his own family.

“This news has come as a great shock to everyone including, it seems, his own wife and family,” Hillsong general manager George Aghajanian said in an email to his congregation yesterday.

“Michael has confirmed that he is not suffering with a terminal illness and is seeking professional help in Adelaide with the support of his family. We are asking our church to pray for the Guglielmucci family during this difficult time.”

The Advertiser was told last night Mr Guglielmucci may release a statement on the situation.

The Australian Christian Church said Mr Guglielmucci’s credentials immediately were suspended once he told the national executive that his cancer claims were “untrue”.

“The national executive is taking this matter very seriously and is awaiting the results of medical tests before determining the full extent of the discipline that will be imposed upon him,” vice president Alun Davies said.

“We are very concerned for the many people who have been or will be hurt by Michael’s actions.

“We encourage all of our churches to pray for all those affected.”






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  1. Its a shame. The song is great and the conference/album recording very moving.
    But I do feel shocked, sickened, sad, and angry……but ultimatley forgivness…

    Can we turn the other cheek to our own??
    We need to. Forgive, learn, and move on….

    Pity for everyone the the media will have a field day with it.

    Michael and the greater spiritual community needs prayer. God knows I’m praying!!!


    • I guess when he wrote the song he thought it would be more powerful if he actually needed it himself. Dunno why he would think to lie though. They never go far. That’s one of the first lessons we learn as christians, yet, ”
      there is not a righteous man on earth, who does what is right and never sins”. What matters are the people the song HAS been real for.

  2. does the fact that he lied make the Words of that song any less powerful??
    God is still God.

  3. In our haste to be charitable, let’s not forget what Scripture presents concerning the standards expected of teachers. James 3:1 springs to mind.

  4. Hi There,
    I was really shocked to hear about it and concerned about the damage that this could do to people’s faith and people’s lack of faith. It reminds me however, that people are people and therefore flawed. If people are going to start throwing the whole “Christian Way” out the window because of one person then it’s like saying that if the Commissioner of Police was caught out for fraud and lying then all police officers are liars too. In such a time not only is prayer needed, but also the reminder that just as people can choose to mislead, lie etc…we also have a choice to demonstrate honesty, truth, integrity…God knows this world needs it! My words to Michael are that I hope the truth helps sets you free. Carrying around such a massive lie wouldn’t of eventually eaten at you anyway. Ride this wave you’ve created, and find true healing that you sung about but maybe have never really known for yourself. God be with you.

  5. Yeah its a shock, but the song still is truth.
    so give it a little while and the media will let it go. But his family and wife will need support and prayer, as they may become targets for slander.

    The other question is, if he was really sick and then had actually died, would it have had the same shocked response from media and the church?

  6. Whether the words have power really depends on the mindset of the singer. I think if this song was played in my church this coming Sunday, I would definitely be distracted from worship. Only the Scripture is God-breathed and I don’t think we should be putting this song on a pedestal. The fact that it was written under a false pretext makes it even more distracting to the worshipper. I’m not trying to cast judgment on Mike, but I do think his actions disillusioned many people who were inspired by his story.

    • your worship should be personal and between you and GOD so nothing should distract you from it. esp not the person who wrote the song or why they wrote it. if you know GOD to be a healer then I don’t see why your worship would be distracted.

  7. Blah.

    It took a conscious decision that lasted TWO YEARS for Mike to do this… Videos, prayer networks, updates…

    I guess we can uphold him in prayer. Honestly, I’m a bit behind in that; I suppose a lot of “Christians” would like to call me backslidden, and I wouldn’t really fight it. Meh.

    But… It’s just a song. Sure, it was a bit manipulative, he ran with it, but it’s just a story. Now we have a song which might still help someone out there.

    Did Britney Spears never lie about/in her music? Ba-bow. Look it up.

    Eh, I don’t know why I’m bothering to say this.

    We’d like to tell Mike that that was wrong, bad boy, but we’re protestant. Damnation. So instead we still discuss it, but talk about grace and mercy.

    Honestly, I find it hard not to be cynical of those who call themselves Christians and debate this stuff online… It’s not that you are online, it’s just that I have yet to meet a Christian who is really Christ centred. And I’m beginning to lose hope.

    Especially considering how hard it is for me to try to be.

    Any thoughts on that?

  8. If God’s work for his kingdom can be acomplished through my sinful lips, and from my broken humanness when I reach out to a friend, a seeker, one of the children I serve in my profession… Then God’s kingdom surely can be proclaimed through a song written by a sick, sinfull man, just as me. All of us who proclaim the Gospel are broken, which builds a stronger case for why the truth of the Gospel is even more amazing than we may ever give it credit. God is god. And we are human. And that will not change. Whether it be lust, lies, manipulation…God’s work will be done.

  9. It’s easy to see a story like this and say, “well, I’m not perfect, but I would never do “THAT!””

    …as I drop the stone in my hand a slowly walk away….

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  11. Wow….

    This is really bad, But considering everything that has been said, If one person is still encouraged or healed themselves from this song, then it is worth it all, because Ministry is all about reaching people, no matter what it takes…

    People need to forgive Mike, maybe take away his license or church position, but move on…

    How was anyone supposed to know, he was faking it, although I first thought it was suspicious when he used a breathing tube on hillsong’s dvd, when he didn’t for planetshakers, my thought was, “is he getting worse, or is he playing it up in front of a bigger crowd”…

    The Song could still be used, he would be forgiven by GOD if he realizes what he did and asked forgiveness and turned away from it…

    But, the fact is people will not allow him to be what he once was, and in this case, rightfully so!


  12. Actually, the song is an original with Planetshakers and he is not a part of Hillsong. They were just as deceived.

  13. you know what’s weird…Camber is doing that series called “Hurt.” it starts tonight…ryan axtell had it on the set list for tonight too and on tuesday he took it out because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to this song…and BAM! this comes out…wow…it just makes me very sad – speechless.

  14. The scripture warns us against putting our faith in men; and not in God. It is crucial to remember that we are CHRISTians; not MIKEians. Many times, highly credible people in the Christian ‘industry’,(so to speak) have let us down, and given this walk of faith a bad name. This will sadly happen until our saviour comes back.

    TWO things must be done.

    1. We must forgive the offender.
    The bible states that ALL have sinned and that we are not to pass judgement. It is not our duty to condemn. And we must know that anyone is capable of commiting a wrong on a high scale. How can we expect God to forgive us; when we cannot forgive others? Sounds pretty selfish to me.

    2. We must press forward.
    We, although sometimes difficult, cannot let this hinder our walk with Christ. We are to look to him at all times.

  15. So, what was his motivation? Was it that he was sincere but felt the need to make a big drama so the song would have more impact? Or was it to cash in on his talent and make a splash and reap the benefits materially and “positionally”?

    My flesh wants to say the 2nd.

    The 1st is almost understandable, the 2nd is deception of an intolerable level. I hope he doesn’t reap what he has sown.

  16. This is nuts. Stuff like this hurts my heart but still doesn’t surprise me. I live in Lakeland, FL and was recently subjected to the fiasco known as Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring. It was a mess from the start but this Hillsong thing hits home more for some reason…

  17. I agree with jungleswife.

    “If we confess our sins–He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)

  18. It’s a very sad situation, not so much for mature Christians, because we realize we’re human and make horrible mistakes, just like everyone else. But it could be a huge stumbling block for the new Christian or one whose faith is a little shaky. Of course those who are looking for a reason to point and say, “See I told you they’re all fakes!” will have a great time with this one, which is one more reason we should all remember the world is watching.

    As for the song, a song is just that, a song. What gives it meaning and power is the heart that sings and the One to which it is sung.

    Remember the Bible says, “Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.” (Luke 17:1-3)

  19. We never know where someone is at in their personal lives, songwriter or not. There is a huge ordeal not only in the world but also in the church called sympathy addiction. To me it appears that Michael had a low self worth to begin with, and the attention he received for this song brought him alot of extra love and support from people. This process natrually made him feel good and he got addicted to the sympathy. Not to point any fingers because we all do this to a degree. As a lover and follower of Jesus Christ and a recoverd meth addict I realize that we all make mistakes and fall short, it’s just that some of our short comings become a public affair. This is no different than the Christians who are reading this and have a secret porn addiction or something of the like. Let’s as a body always be quick to forgive before anything, after all that is how us “Christians” attained this eternal life that we are all so fond of. John 16:33

  20. this is a shock, but I encourage everyone to pray that God will bless him and his family, because it would be so easy to throw curses and anger at the issue, but really, Jesus taught that we should love our enemies and those who have hurt us. In the bible, God used a prostitute and a murderer to bring glory to his name and to make a positive difference. I don’t believe God only uses people who are righteously clean, but also people who may frankly be the opposite.

    “we were made to worship God” – the bible

    that mans under all circumstances. even hardships, like this one.

    God bless

  21. sorry, spelling error, what I meant was:

    “that means under all circumstances. even hardships, like this one.”

  22. Wow.

    I remember watching it.
    And I had such a moved spirit.

    Even though he has done wrong.
    God will forgive him.

    Because he is God.
    And if he doesn’t forgive,
    then he is not God.

    Peter denied him Jesus 3 times,
    Yet he was forgiven.
    I am sure God will forgive Mike too.

    Jesus will still love him.
    For nothing can take that away.

    We might feel angry and annoyed at this situation,
    But we have to remember how Jesus said
    ” If any of us have not sinned , cast the first stone”
    Meaning if you haven’t sinned then you have the right to say something. But I’m sure we have all sinned, and have fallen short of the glory of God.
    So I don’t think we should judge.

    Something to think about…

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  24. Hey bro!

    Thanks for documenting all this so well… I linked to your post on my blog just now : )


  25. Doesn’t it stand true that God and His anointing is glorified through mans failure–because it shows just how much we need Him? I mean that is, after all, the redemption story…yes, it is a shame that this man took something so moving and amazing and felt as though he needed to embellish it. Yes he lied and deceived–but he is, after all, just a man–who proved that he is, in fact, in need of a healer. Actually, now i feel as though this song can be used even more mightily because there is no “man” behind it. The truth still is. The message still remains. God still heals whether this man was sick or not…

  26. Hey Brian

    Sad news I will agree! When I first heard I was just plain angry… more so for the thousands of young people deceived who (I pray never happens) risk becoming disillusioned with the Christian faith. Planetshakers is huge in Australia and thousands of kids attend these events and are inspired to follow Jesus by such influential leaders. This world is so screwed up with lies already it’s just hard when it comes from with in ‘the Church’.

    I am then reminded of my own selfish sinfulness and praise God for his grace and mercy to save a sinner like me. I pray for grace and healing for Mike and his family during this time. I don’t imagine there is much joy seeing a ‘stuff up’ like this plastered all round the world.

  27. I added your blog link to my blog roll too… I like your writing. You’re a talented cat!

  28. Let’s be real guys. It’s not that great of a song. There’s like 4 lines in the whole thing. The song was made “powerful” because of a lie.
    Let’s keep our eyes on Christ and the Gospel and not elevate the works of our hands above him. There is no song that ever changed a life. Only Christ changes lives through his atoning work! Meanwhile, let’s pray for this young man and those who are were emotionally drawn into this.

    Peace, rw

  29. I agree…it’s not a song that changes lives it’s an encounter with Jesus Christ. I’m shocked at this whatever it takes mentality–so if it takes a lie that’s okay???? Where is that in the scriptures? As I recall according to John 8:44 The devil is the father of lies…and remember even he–The devil- quoted scripture to Jesus -Read Mathew 4–however Jesus didn’t agree with him even though he was partially quoting Psalms 91 , Jesus corrected him in and told him to GO!

  30. Crazy. The oxygen tubes were a nice touch.

  31. I believe that what rob and marla said is true. It is not the song, it is the encounter with God that changes lives. But there is more to it then that.

    If you watched the Hillsong dvd where he sings it with the oxygen tubes, you can almost see the presence of God in that place.

    I think it would be fair to say that the song does not change lives, but more that the song helps people to get intouch with God, which then changes lives.

    Not one person in that place could say that the pressence of God was not there, and althou the song was made from lies, in phillipians 1:11 – 15 it talks about how no matter what the motive, if Christ’s name is praised, then i will rejoice! (as long as there is no blasphemy lol =P)

    It is not the heart of the song writer, but the heart of the person that sings the song that matters.

    Now, i might b moving onto a completely different topic, but do you think that the messages he spoke were untru? Do you think that the prophesis he spoke were untru? They were not, some hav actually come to pass.

    Nothing he said was biblically incorrect. He always spoke messages that helped people. That does not make what he did right, but remember not to look to people, for people are people and they will always make mistakes, but God is God and he will NEVER fail.

    The messages he said, the prophesis he made and even the words of the song, are all based on the truth. The whole story about the devil quoting scripture was about the devil using it to tempt Jesus into doing the wrong thing. But mike never tried to make us sin, or ever spoke blasphemy. What he did is his own affair, and he must sort that out with God. But he is insignifficant in God’s plan.

  32. Thats humanity for you.
    This is nothing new.
    Humanity has failed humanity right down through the ages and only God can change that through Jesus Christ.
    So let this go and follow Him.

  33. I am curious to know what he told his wife. He supposedly finds out he has terminal cancer — she never once went with him to the hospital? She never asked to speak to the doctors as well?

    I have the Hillsong DVD. Was God in the house that night? I dont know, but I do know he is in the every page of the Bible, and that is all I need to effect me emotionally. As for the song “Healer”, all the miracles of the Bible point to Jesus. Its not physical healing we are to seek. Its spiritual healing. Its so simple. Occasionally God does perform miracles these days, but does anyone truly believe that God heals physically at the request of today’s so called healing evangilists?

  34. I just found out tonight! Someone got me the DVD for my b-day and I really loved it…

    then I find out about this… bummer!

    I don’t know what I think yet. I come from a church where the pastor was seeing a male prostitute and that was exposed.

    i guess this just reminds us that there is an enemy that has come to steel, kill and destroy. He’s going to use, “christians” and something God has created for himself.

    Which reminds me that no matter what God redeems everything and that worship is created to bring Glory to God.

    So Worship God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.

    The sond declares that we trust Him regardless… do we really? Have you sang that as an anthem and now question it? Has that changed?


  35. It was obvious he did not have cancer and that he was stirring up the crowd with his mind games and an emotional ploy.

    The funny thing is it was all a ploy to try to get the kids to give money, and to excite the crowd to return the following year. It is business and a sales method.

    This is a simple way of persuading individuals but taken further into deceit.

    I don’t believe he has mental illness, but it is a cover up for the scheme of untruthfulness and to increase their own personal gain. People around him must have known.
    “So easy to point the finger. The guy is still sick only mentally. He needs our prayer not our condemnation.” – He is not mentally ill. Just a liar.
    For you to pray for him, is for you to be a sheep. No wonder people get so fooled.
    A crime is a crime.
    Cover up or damage control. I hope planetshakers and their pastors all come forward.
    A Prayer for truth should be the correct prayer at the moment.

  36. It’s funny how this happens when my church is having a retreat soon and since our theme will be “rescue” for a time of healing, our praise team was thinking that the song “healer” would be one of our theme songs…I feel that through this incident, God has given me a great challenge. I am a part of the praise team and at first I was thinking that maybe we should take this song out. But then again, I thought why should we do that when the song is such a great song. I really believe that as Christians, we can only act out in love. He is really telling me to love the least these days, and Micheal seems to be one of the least as of now. Loving him will be like loving Jesus. The world would throw stones at him maybe, but as christians we have to believe that through this, God will use Micheal in greater ways. Barnabus always seemed to believe in the light of the people. I always experience God in powerful ways at the very times when I really recognize how weak I am. Who else other than family would love Micheal if Christians don’t. I want to be sure of the hope that we can have and certain of what we don’t see right now. I know our God will take over our church retreat and that the song will also be just another song to worship our God, as we sinners praise the God who mercifully makes us clean.

  37. For such a time as this, we must continue carrying the torch of faith as God has called us all sinners to come forward and be bold-approach His throne of grace…not dwindle and retreat . This is a moment of weakness, a battle, for all of us in the Christian faith. Let us encourage one another. Let us continue ever more strong in faith…

  38. I am really sad about what I read and as the body of Christ we should do as Christ would have loved. Instead of throwing blame and condemning let us pray for him because none of us is without sin and pray that, from this incidence, he will learn from his weaknesses and ask God to be his strength.

  39. So why am I not shocked about all this?
    The AOG Church don’t have much of an accountability system going within their ranks.
    Once a person achieves a position, within the inner sanctum, they seem to never be held accountable to anyone or anything!
    Once a member climbs the ladder and receives a certain amount of popularity, they for some reason become untouchable.
    Space does not permit me to go through the pastors who have fallen from grace within this movement, because they were considered beyond reproach!
    This new incident merely indicates yet again a spiritual ignorance among people , who are supposed to have a wisdom that transcends their humanity.
    Yes this man needs forgiveness, as he has a sickness that is far worse than cancer!
    And it is a sickness that is beginning to become more and more prelevant within Pentecostal circles.We live in times when the these Congregations demand to be entertained and to be showered with glitz and glamour, and the deeper things of God are ignored.They do so, to their own detriment!

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  42. I heard of this news several days ago. Yet I still can’t forget how strongly I fealt Gods presence as I listened to this song for the first time. Not because of God as Mike’s Healer but God as my Healer!! I think about what God has done in my life and this song says it all. It doesn’t matter what we are going through God is our Healer!! Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. I believe that Mike was actually CRYING out to God to heal him, maybe not from the sickness he claimed but from the sickness he suffered that no one knew about. I believe Mike does know who his Healer is. I believe we should continue praying for our fellow brother in Christ. Because but by the grace of God we are not in his shoes! This song will continue to impact my life as it has already done, I don’t believe they should take it off the shelves, I think they should sell it because God is our Healer!!!

  43. the thing that comes to mind in this is, he was and is in now the process of being healed. Even though we now know he didnt have cancer he obviously had a mental disorder and other problems. The Word says “everything done in the darkness will be brought to the light”, this has been done and now he is getting the help he needs. Sin is sin from the smallest lie to murder, but Jesus died for our sins all we have to do is come to Him with a repentant heart and His Blood covers all. So in the midst of all this talk we have to remember he is being healed and will be made whole, now he may not being healed of cancer BUT he is being healed of his real problems.

  44. When all is said and done. God is all we need…..
    Let’s not be ignorant about the scripture which says ‘Let him that thinketh he stands take heed,lest he falls’
    Instead of criticizing,let’s us spend that time to intercede for Mike n his entire family n the Hillsong church as a whole.
    Perhaps forgiving him can make him up come up with a powerful song about ‘FORGIVENESS’
    One more thing…….the blood of Jesus purges our conscience form dead works. Hebrews 9:13-14
    Colossians 1:13
    Lastly,think of all the evil that Saul-Paul did to the church of God but he later became an Apostle of Jesus.

    God bless us all n may we find place in our heart to ‘FORGIVE’

  45. the most important thing is that the words in the song are true and it’s not as if he was singing about himself….but rather God! so let the song minister to you and don’t be quick to condemn him. remember, your sins could come into light for every1 to see too…

  46. I don’t see the big deal in the words of the song, he didn’t have cancer but was battling a disease of a different kind behind closed doors. As someone who battled with an addiction to pornography personally I know first hand the effects of the sin and how it breaks down your body. Many nights were spent surfing the web looking at countless images and videos allowing only maybe an hour of sleep before I started the cycle over again. Yes it is a shame he lied about his struggles but the main thing someone with a sex addition thinks is that no one else is having this problem…I can control it. But over and over again you continue to act out, fall and repent…only to go round and round.

    I really hope people can find healing in this song especailly Michael.

  47. Let’s pray…

  48. It’s a shame – but it’s an indictment on church culture. How was this able to happen? What can we do to make sure the flock is kept safe, and it doesn’t happen again?

    A 16 year porn addiction, including a 2 year battle with fake cancer, is 16 years too long to be hiding secret sins that should be confessed.

    Surely we need to ask why they weren’t confessed earlier, and what we can do to help each other and provide a safe place for sins to be confessed, while also holding people accountable better in church.

  49. yes korek..i agree with imperfect..LETS PRAY!

  50. Forgive and restore! Yes, he lied about cancer. No, he did not lie that Jesus is the healer!
    Let us not forget:
    Joh 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
    My question is is there any of us who can cast a stone at Michael Guglielmucci?

  51. Let this be a lesson about craving for the approval and acceptance of men rather than serving the Master with a pure heart and a right spirit. This lesson applies to everyone who wants to be authentic in public as well as in private. Even in private, the Omnipresent One searches the heart and all intentions.

  52. At least the guy tried to inspire people living with cancer.. His method is sickening.. but he DID try! Think christian people, (including myself) must risk more to help people. Just not by lying and deceiving them!
    Thanx people!

  53. You know the song is about God as a healer. This poor fellow needs healing. Maybe not cancer, but at least emotionally. Maybe when he wrote the song it is obvious he knew he didn’t have cancer, but he knew something was wrong. Pronography or some kind of addiction that he hated. So instead of saying he was sick with something that people would have cut him loose for, he simply lied and said cancer. I am not minimizing what he did, but again, he needs healing and the song he wrote certainly addresses a God that heals. Just a thought. If you go back and read the lyrics with that in mind, I think you can see where indeed he is crying out to God for help. “You calm my raging seas…” “You’re all I need…” “I believe, I believe…” “Nothing is impossible for you…” Maybe the Holy Spirit was placing these words in him so that he would indeed seek the Lord for healing. Aren’t we all messed up and don’t we all need a Savior and Healer? I pray that the words of the song come true in his lfe and that he is able to come back and tell the story and tell us how God did in fact heal him of this obvious “disease” he has.

  54. I am surprised at all of the “grace” being shown here. Forgiving someone their wrong does not imply an automatically renewed trust of the person, which many seem to be willing to give simply because it’s a “good song”… and this is one BIG, BIG, BIG breach of trust.

    I hope those who Mike is (or at least should be) “accountable” (buzzword – bing!) to take correct action in dealing with this issue with the public and with Mike. Honestly, he probably should not be allowed to lead worship in that public a position ever again.

    On top of that, this whole thing is just freakin’ weird…

  55. I have just checked the news on the net. Silence. How convenient! Pastor-impostor Guglielmucci had promised to pay back the money to people who foolishly donated to him. Looks like now that the smoke is down and he is yesterday’s news ke can keep the fortune after all… How very Christian of you, Mike!

  56. Ádrian Belmonte da Silva

    It is a wonderful sound, music that fuses with the heart of God, and that leads us to a deep intimacy with our Lord. May God continue using your lives to compose many songs as wonderful as the CD THIS IS OUR GOD.
    Loved the peace of the Lord.
    Who writes a Levite is in love with music.
    I am Methodist Orthodox Church in Brisamar – Itaguaí – RJ – Brasil.

  57. I heard about this a while back. Quite a few of my friends were actually friends of Mikes. Pushed him around in a wheelchair in the shopping center – they feel pretty stupid.

    Anyways…that’s not my point.

    I’m surprised that no one – from all the blogs & comments I have read have touched on this subject: Doesn’t this say something about the nature of this kind of church?

    WHOAH….hold up, don’t get your panties in knot before you hear me out.

    I used to be VERY involved in this social scene. I was Mike – standing up there in front of thousands, singing my heart out, leading the youth, preaching etc etc etc…flying around the country, running workshops, conferences etc etc etc etc…it was my life – my whole life.

    I don’t really think people who haven’t been there truly ‘understand’ the pressure that is put onto young people in these scenes. You are REVERED…. looked up to, idolised and i hate to say it WORSHIPED. You are expected to live a standard of life that is above everyone else and very often at an age when all you need to be worrying about is – why the hell are my boobs growing, my hormones making me go mental and i can’t stop thinking about sex?? Sorry people – it’s called ‘pubity’.
    Instead you are being looked up to by the younger generation, your peers and your seniors saying your ‘blessed’ ‘anointed’ ‘a leader’ etc etc etc… when you don’t even know who you are- yeah yeah, you are god’s child and created in the image of him – anyone who’s over 25 knows that i’m talking about – it’s called maturity & ‘life lessons’ that you simply cannot learn by that age.

    But somethings gotta give under all that ‘fame’. Just like Mike, I was ‘faking it’ for a long time. OK, so i wasn’t addicted to porn in particular – that’s just a side note. But i WAS faking it.

    I had become disenchanted with the church and that type of ‘faith’. For very REAL reasons. But I continued for so long faking that I was really into it – I would try & be sincere and ‘feel’…but i just couldn’t anymore..and I guess like for Mike – it became apparent for me too.

    What he did was really whack, but when my mate told me…to be honest? I laughed & he did too (he has a similar story to mine) why? I guess because now that we’re not in that ‘scene’ anymore, it all seems SO very absurd.

    I’ve never spoken out against the pentecostal church or hillsong and that’s not necessarily what I’m doing now either. I’m just saying something that no one else has.

    Look at the environment…maybe it fosters this sort of thing happening?

    These people on stage not only have the status of superstar, they are held to a standard that celebrities certainly aren’t – in fact it was kinda cool if you were a rock & roller and you had a melt down or go on a binge :p look at Iggy Pop.

    I’m not judging the hearts of those who choose this flavour of faith….but…where’s god in amongst all this super stardom?

    We SOOOO want God to be COOL and AWSOME and MMAASSSIIIVVVE….. and I’m not saying God ISN’T in it…but perhaps we need to take a step back..stop trying to make everything about GOD…and realise… that perhaps these are 2 separate things. perhaps God doesn’t inhabit the music, or the lights, or the projector or the ‘new people lounge’ or the new multimedia dvd about all the fun and cool things this place does… perhaps that just makes us feel cooler, it lets us express our musical tastes and talent, it makes the message of God more palatable and trendy to our hip friends, draws more money in, which allows us to continue our church lifestyle…?

    and perhaps…that’s ok? But we just need to “confess” it.

  58. Just as a fellow Aussie living in Phx AZ, I just wanted to say not all of us Aussie Pastors are stupid faces. I think the guy was deceitful, but that doesn’t stop the song from being any less powerful, I think people who were moved by the song were probably moved by God rather than the guy singing it.

  59. Oh my cant believe wat ia m readying and hear4ing abt this “healer” song ,coz thats lyk my favourite song on the album ,very inspirational and keeps my fath high on God .I still dont understand why the guy Mike would lie abt his sickness and his healing aas well ,it really raises a lot of questions especially the one that most no believers talk abt which is that “most Christians are Sinners,the onews who make headlines all the tym”I am really dissapointed in mike he also destoys the image of the Hillsong church but i guess we have to forgive and forget hey. .



  61. Unfortunately almost all of fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity is based on lies and rejections of truth and knowledge. They would like people to believe that the world was created 6,000 years ago, Noachian flood was a historical even that that God heals by miracles. You have to perform some tricks to make people believe that. What’s a lie when ends justify the means? Unfortunately sometime cheats are caught, like Guglielmucci. Still, most are not. And if they manage to make people believe in such absurdities, then people will be willing to commit even worse things when asked to.

  62. Paul Nicholls

    The song makes me feel physically sick every time I hear it. I just think fraud, fraud, fraud. I don’t think we shoudl sing it anymore, and I’m surprised that some still do.

    Sadly, this man perversely stood on stage knowing he was misleading folks.

    I’m a committed born again Christian, and see that what the author of the song did in 10 minutes destroyed a lot of integrity and caused massive shock waves – it also caused Hillsong serious angst. They were castigated by the media for the foolish, selfish and downright ludicrous actions of a fraudster. Hillsongs acted with real integrity and took a lot of flack and were very gracious in the way they handled themselves. This wasn’t their fault.

    Yes, I know all about forgiveness, and I endorse that, but let’s not be stupid, we’re Christians, not weak willed social workers with beards and sandals . This man’s actions have consequences, and the incalculable damage he did and hook he gave to those who rant against the sincere (just look at the idiotic spoutings above) just keep on keeping on. I suppose you’ll always get turds – Christians and none Christians alike.

    Forgiveness doesn’t stop the consequences. Jesus forgave, but the pay off was horrific. I wouldn’t rate this episode as anything to shine a light to Jesus’ suffering, but the principle is always consequences. Forgiveness and justice are two different animals.

    I seriously think we should just put the song to bed, and move on.

  63. Paul Nicholls

    The song makes me feel physically sick every time I hear it. I just think fraud, fraud, fraud. I don’t think we shoudl sing it anymore, and I’m surprised that some still do.

    Sadly, this man perversely stood on stage knowing he was misleading folks.

    I’m a committed born again Christian, and see that what the author of the song did in 10 minutes destroyed a lot of integrity and caused massive shock waves – it also caused Hillsong serious angst. They were castigated by the media for the foolish, selfish and downright ludicrous actions of a fraudster. Hillsongs acted with real integrity and took a lot of flack and were very gracious in the way they handled themselves. This wasn’t their fault.

    Yes, I know all about forgiveness, and I endorse that, but let’s not be stupid, we’re Christians, not weak willed social workers with beards and sandals . This man’s actions have consequences, and the incalculable damage he did and hook he gave to those who rant against the sincere (just look at the idiotic spoutings above) just keep on keeping on. I suppose you’ll always get turds – Christians and none Christians alike.

    Forgiveness doesn’t stop the consequences. Jesus forgave, but the pay off was horrific. I wouldn’t rate this episode as anything to shine a light to Jesus’ suffering, but the principle is always consequences. Forgiveness and justice are two different animals.

    I seriously think we should just put the song to bed, and move on.

    …oops – this is my second post with my correct email!

  64. Question remains open: Did the “pastor” or his church really give any donor their money back? Something tells me that they are trying to sweep this under the carpet. Let people forget so that the church can keep their money. After all, isn’t it what most of institutionalised Christianity is about?


  66. Interesting. Though he was not dying from a physical cancer, no doubt he had a ‘heart’ cancer. An integrity cancer. He was indeed ‘dying’ – and – so hopefully now he can be healed and the song can speak to him – and will still be able to move and touch people. I mean God’s message gets the job done no matter the motive an individual has (remember ‘some preached out of selfish ambition’). So let us pray for his ‘healing” and give thanks for the light of truth. Perhaps that is the deep message of the song.

    Sure he may have consequences for this, but in the end it is better to go through hell on earth (so to speak) than to have it all here and miss out on heaven!

  67. you can say i might be about 2 yrs behind… but the song “healer”is an amazing cry and praise to our wondeful God. the song is very significant in my life , the lyrics became more of a prayer to our beautiful savior during some dark times…for the first time i saw the video and my heart sank seeing Michael on stage w the oxygen tank.. until i saw a comment about the “lies” so google i went, and stumbled across this blog.

    my opinion? i pray he finds HIS healing. but i do believer thru the “fraud” or whatever God still used him to reach out… did he take matters in his own hands and took it away from God? most likely but it is said, “his glory goes beyond all fame”… when all this happened, God knew what he was doing.. ironic the song is “healer” definitely not… God revealed some dark secrets of Michael and thru that process this song was born.

    Michael had the intentions of reaching out to the world for our God…even tho it was based on a lie, lets not forget it was also based on passion.

    sad he had to scheme to try make the song more ‘powerful’ when in all truth, the words to the songs are true promises of our lord, that alone is powerful enough.

    🙂 ❤

  68. I am convinced it had more to do with a passion for money. When we see any proof that he and his church refunded the donations he had received I may change my mind. It’s been a few years and somehow not a word about the money being returned.

  69. It’s powerful because the song is really about sexual addiction. He just couldn’t admit that to himself or to the church.

  70. I believe the song was beautiful created by God to us. Michael was just a normal person which God purposely use to show his vision. If u think about it, Michael needed healing as well. Not healing from cancer but his sinful inner lies & thoughts. This song was perfect example of God grace and mercy to him and us. We will never be sinless in God eye but God still love us for who we are. That is why he sacrifice his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. I believe Michael knew what God thoughts are and this really illustrated in the bible on this verse below:

    Genesis 4:6-7 “Why are you so angry?” the LORD asked Cain. “Why do you look so dejected?7 You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master.”

    I just hope i can be like Michael and try to stop sinning and make God happy. I prefer to go Michael route rather than Cain route. My 2 cents of rambling out loud …. ;- )

  71. I ditto everything anonymous said about the pressures of being in the limelight in a church setting. There’s a lot of inappropriate stuff going on in my church too, mostly in the youth leadership cliques, but no one’s ever spoken out about it.
    Not all youth are able to handle the primeval pressures that come with being human and actually living the values they’re supposed to stand for, so they fake it; obviously this doesn’t make it okay to lie to God’s congregation, but still, its an issue that needs to be addressed.

  72. This is a simple situation, what he did was very much wrong and damaging to God’s people. We need to leave it alone, God is the one who will decide its outcome. As for me, Im sick that a person of his influence would jack up so many. (this whole spin that he is now getting help, Is still more spin on the condition… we need to leave him alone and let God take care of him without our assumptions)

    Personally, I love the song, its truly tragic that satan would have gained such a foothold on such a beautiful piece of poetry.

    Reminds me how much he gains in the writing of my own life that is similarly as tragic.

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