The Rhythm @ Cornerstone – Chandler, AZ

our community, Cornerstone, here in AZ has a real heartbeat to be apart of ‘reaching people nobody else is reaching’. we’ve got various ministries that we offer and do within the Phoenix Valley, but, i think what is about to launch in september on Thursday nights is going to be prolific.

we’ve had this sense for a while that we need to begin to dream about a post-college singles community (20’s to 30’s) that would provide a place of identity for this large group of people in the Phoenix Valley. we dreamt, prayed, thought about, talked about and now we’re gonna be about creating a place for these people.

right now, that we know of, we’re really not seeing a dedicated multi-generational, multi-ethnic church community that is rallying and focusing in on Single adults within the Phoenix Valley. the unique part about Cornerstone is that we do have a wide array of ages, socio-economic, faith journeys, denominational backgrounds, etc… within the larger umbrella here. but, i LOVE to see us being a group of leaders that are forward thinking in who we AREN’T reaching.

God has blessed us with an incredible guy named James Patterson who had a decent sized Singles ministry in Tampa, FL called 97 West and for whatever reason God has put the move on his families heart to move to this cactus stricken desert of Chandler, AZ to take this ministry on here. james and i have quickly become good friends, he’s just one of those kindred spirits.

we’re calling it The Rhythm and i love what james says about it: ‘it’s not just an event to attend, but, a movement to be a part of!’. i’m stoked to see what God could do with this thing and i think there is much to be said about what’s next.

right now, i’m kind of steering alongside james with my team the direction for the programming of the gathering times and community. we’ve got some KILLER stuff in the plans. just numerically in our community we have over 2,000 singles in our church and that’s just IN OUR CHURCH. hahaha. how many more in the Phoenix Valley that are longing for connection with Jesus and other people like them.

we couldn’t be more excited. the launch date is set for September 11th, 2008!


5 responses to “The Rhythm @ Cornerstone – Chandler, AZ

  1. That is very exciting, I know God will bless you

  2. haha I LOVE your face.

  3. Brian Brian… heart overflows with how you are allowing God to move in your heart and life…TRULY a mother’s prayer being continually answered! I am excited to hear about this and excited that God has brought James to Cornerstone and excited about what God is doing there and excited about your excitement:) We need a shot of that here. Will you pray for us? God moving…lives changing…being excited about the work ect. Wonderful!

  4. Nice work fellas. Im stoked to see that you’re charging on this. Ill be waiting to see how God moves through this, excited for you bro.

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