Healer – Update – Pt. 3

I found this video today and it’s of Gugliemucci  and his confession of this horrific lie that he lived to cover up his addiction to pornography. this is in relation to my earlier blogs:

healer – part 1

healer – part 2


5 responses to “Healer – Update – Pt. 3

  1. Thanks for providing the tv footage of Mike’s confession. I wanted to see his face. Can’t tell if he’s sincere or not – God knows. I pray he has or comes to a a place of real and full repentance. I suppose this is the beginning. Dear and precious soul he is, we are all wretched sinners, we all need the love, grace and mercy of our awesome heavenly Father. Thanks for your site. Rock on, hairy man x

  2. I still believe that the song “Healer” is his true confession. Not to heal his physical diseases (truth or lie) but to heal his spiritual diseases. All of us who were disappointed by his lies should not be scarred by it. Instead we should look at the entire situation through the eyes of the Gospel and see that God still used Mike to write this song to show the world that, yes, no matter what happens (even though you lie to the world), God is still going to be by you, God is still going to help you, God is still going to HEAL you from your spiritual sicknesses.

    For those of you who are still angry. At least he was able to realize that he needed
    true healing because of his addictions and his other spiritual problems.

    God Bless 😀

  3. At first I was in extreme shock. My stomach dropped so hard and my throat closed up when I had first heard about this. As I have been able to process the situation I must say that I think this song has become an even more powerful testament to the Love that God is and has for his children.

    I just can’t imagine the shame that he has been feeling. For SIXTEEN years struggling with this sin, hiding it. This shows the power of sin to punish the body not only spiritually (which I think all of us relate sin to) but physically creating these “cancer” symptoms. Physically it has taxed his body beyond belief. Mike has been punished by the sin, multiplying over and over through the years and through the choices to go deeper into this prison.

    I can’t imagine the joy it brought God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to see their child confess his sin and break the strong hold that sin had on him. The power of that sin has been broken, this mans spirit has been healed and freed. (And will continue to heal)

    I can only think that even though he is feeling great shame that the freedom that is now his will continue to drive him into his Fathers arms and on an emotional and spiritual level truly connect with those around him, most importantly his wife.

  4. i have loved all the above comments coz they are all under the Lord’s conviction.your comments have helped me get the state of the real situation.yes we are all sick of some cancer of the sort.some of our habits are actually worse than cancer coz it cozs destruction in our own bodies and also cozs us to disturb other people’s peace.i thank God coz he loves us and always convicts us to that point that it becomes hard sometimes to confess it anywere, not even to our closest friends.i believe its God who has convicted this man about this sin.God first let him write such anice song to be known to the world so He can just even help this one man.That shows me how He dearly loves us that while we were yet sinning He sends His only son to us, to die for us.me God strenthen him.

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