College Leader Conference 2008


College Leader is a group of people that are committed to the equipping of College Ministry Leaders, foreseeably, internationally. This weekend is the kick-off Conference for this resource ministry. Brayline is up here leading some worship and we are diving deep with College Pastors and Leaders from around the U.S.

The conference is called ‘Drink’ and my band, Brayline, is up here at Thousand Pines helping to steer the weekend, just a bit. College Leader was founded by Chuck Bomar who spent the past 9 years at Cornerstone Simi Valley. Some might know of Cornerstone Simi because of Francis Chan and his ministry both there and abroad. Chuck has recently moved to Portland, Oregon and is planting a church up in that area. He’s a very passionate leader of this process of discipleship taking new shape in this generation of college ministry.

Additionally, Chuck has a team of some fantastic leaders from various contexts helping him to steer the weekend. Last night, David Kinnaman, President of Barna Research Group and author of UnChristian, shared with us out of Ezekiel 37. It was a fantastic start to the weekend as he talked about some alarming studies done regarding the over 60% of Americans claiming to be committed to Christ. He talked about that being the reality of the possibilities of what God wants us to join Him in reviving. obviously, those 60% of professing Christians in America aren’t running at full steam and David would call that the dry bones. The beautiful thing is that Gods desire is to bring those dry bones to new and transformative life. how much more that he has chosen us to be the conduit to help bring them back to life?

Lot’s to say about this weekend. I’m now finishing this blog having finished the weekend at the College Leader Conference. I’m sitting at my house right now just waiting for Promise and her mom to get to my house. I’ve really missed that girl this weekend and I am past due to get some time with Promise.

Here are some of the books from the guys and gal that were a part of this weekend. I’m very encouraged after being around college ministry leaders from all over the United States. I think we’re into some fantastic dialogue of what this generation of ministry to college-aged students needs. There will be some MP3’s of the weekend up soon. I’ll try and post them here on this blog when I know they’re up. If you’ve made it through this post you must check out these great peoples books. All of these friends helped guide the weekend at College Leader:





One response to “College Leader Conference 2008

  1. that sounds awesome. are there audio recordings of any of the sessions available online?

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