Top 12 Worship Picks – Month of September 2008

my friend johnny messaged me the following today:

Hey Bri-

I need some new music, baby. Give me your top 10 or 12 new faves. Do it because you love me.


all that to say it inspired a blog post. i actually get asked that question a good bit and so i asked my guys here and we put together, in no particular order, the top 12 songs we really like, are working well and that we’re singing in our rotation at Cornerstone. hope this stuff can be a resource and maybe i’ll try and do this more often for the worship types and connoisseurs. here are ours – what are yours?! comment here and check back to see what other people are doing too!  

Here’s what we’re singing right now at Cornerstone:

1. beautiful jesus -kristian stanfill

2. i adore you – phil wickham

3. cannons -phil wickham

4. filled with your glory – starfield

5. all because of jesus – fee

6. the highest and greatest – tim hughes

7. i lay it down – matt maher

8. canticles of zechariah (declare victory) – matt maher (every worship leader must own his album overflow)

9. how he loves – john mark mcmillan (you need to buy this album!)

10. none but jesus – hillsong

11. hosanna – hillsong united

12. rain down – delirious

7 responses to “Top 12 Worship Picks – Month of September 2008

  1. Thanks! I’ve been looking for the “victory” song!!! 🙂

  2. Great choices. I’d only also suggest “Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)” by Robbie Seay Band, “Never Let Go” by David Crowder Band, “Beautiful Mystery” by Telecast and “The Wonder of the Cross” by Vicky Beeching.

  3. oooh…thank you for this!!! I was just thinking how I was ready for some new songs to add to my worship playlist. I will be able to tackle the treadmill again!!

  4. Hey thanks for this list.

    The only thing that’s missing is a little Charlie Hall.

    Also, Aaron Keyes is putting out some great fresh stuff too.

  5. Guys: If you’re going to make a list, I’d appreciate if you would ask our opinions first. That way, some of us won’t have to let you know all of the stuff you missed. I suggest putting up a poll before you share your suggestions for October. Since you forgot all of my favorites I’m gonna have to chuck out some thoughts:

    *Skillet- “Those Nights”
    *Everything by Stellar Kart
    *Third Day- “Call My Name”
    *Pillar- “Smiling Down”

  6. Thanks! I have actually never heard of Phil Wickham before. Had a listen to him, and definitely a new favorite! 🙂

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