Presidential Debate ’08 – Mississippi University – Who Won?

I’ll make this blog entry simple and easy. I’d love to hear you sound off on the Mississippi University Presidential Debate with Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. Who do you think had the best delivery and why? Were you surprised, in a good or bad way, by anything said by the candidates? If you had to choose today, based on this debate (whether you vote within a party or not) who would have gotten your vote and why?


17 responses to “Presidential Debate ’08 – Mississippi University – Who Won?

  1. I would say that McCain won. His answers seemed to contain substance and Obama’s answers seemed like a lot of fluff. ABC said that Obama looked more presidential. Uh, what? I thought it was about what kind of decisions one makes that makes them fit to run the country and not how they look in a suit.

  2. McCain Won this debate, his positions are clear, he knows how lead the America. Obama, he looks like a president, but he doesn’t lead as a President,

  3. I would disagree with Unknown Noboby. McCain lost his shorts on the debate. He seemed out of touch and all he did was drop names. He seemed on the edge of being out of control where Obama was cool and collected. The big thing is if the economy starts to get any worse, the Republican’s can hang it up in November. Watching the CNN independent analysts (3 Dems & 3 Reps), they all gave the debate to Obama. The VP debate is really going to scare the McCain camp. Look how bad Sarah Palin did with the Katie Couic interview. How will she handle the real pressure of national politics? It’s anybodys guess

  4. When I sat down, I considered myself “swayable”. I had not decided one way or the other. To make this short and sweet, I thought Obama ruled the stage last night. He seems to have a much better vision for the future of the American people. All Mcain talked about was the past ?? He has no vision for the future. Obama seemed to be discecting issues and getting down to the root causes and solutions rather than talking about quick fixes for failed policies of the past. I thought it wasn’t even close, Obama without a doubt won round one.

  5. I believe that McCain won the debate last night. My wife and I were watching the debate, her first real look at both candidates, and she says the same thing. McCain seemed to have answers where Obama seemed to stammer and trip and go on tangents that maid no sense till he talked about health care, education or something like that. When asked about the Veterans I love McCains answer on that one “That WILL be my job to take care of the Veterans”!! That was good. I don’t feel that Obama handled himself very professionally at times when he would try to talk over McCain to defend himself. If you have something to say in your defense then wait until your opponent is done speaking and then say it. He looked very much like a four year old that wasn’t getting his way.

    McCain also had great points about Obamas inexperience and how he it’s not that he makes the wrong decisions its that he hasn’t been around long enough to have the experience to make that right ones.

    That’s just my opinion.


    +Mike Wohler+
    On Fire For Christ

  6. McCain won. As usual, Obama spoke well but … said absolutely nothing. The man simply is not capable of an original thought. I especially liked what “he proposed and brought to the table” concerning the bailout issue …. he would like to take credit for what the majority of the DECISION MAKERS are demanding in an agreement.

    Senator McCain may not be as eloquent as Obama but at least he has something to say. Something backed by fact and experience.

  7. Wow.. McCain just completely wiped the room up with the kid. I’m sorry but I want an experienced pilot flying the plane I’m in and not someone who only has read the books on how to fly the plane. Winston Churchill said it best: If you’re young and not a liberal you have no heart. BUT if you’re older and are liberal you have no head!!! MCCAIN/PALIN ALL THE WAY!!!!

  8. Good god. Did you really just use that Churchill quote? First off, that isn’t even exactly what Churchill said and second, let’s not forget that Churchill was voted out of the Prime Minister’s office in 1945, only to return in 1951 with a lackluster performance, until his resignation in 1955. His own nation didn’t see him as fit to lead and questioned his grasp of domestic policy. And third, the type of conservatism that Churchill was talking about was not this ridiculous Jerry Falwell conservative christian type of conservatism. He was talking about limited government due to a fear of tyranny. That quote is a silly cheap shot of a quote that does nothing to help any discussion ever.

    Now, about the debate, I thought overall that both men were impressive. They both had a good grasp of the issues and I thought they were open and honest about their disagreements and showed sharp differences. I thought that for the most part it was a civil debate, although both men did at times talk over one another. Compared to the tone of the campaigns in general, it was a very civil debate.

    I think that McCain’s lack of eye contact with Obama, his habit of hunkering over his podium, and his lack of willingness to engage Obama directly didn’t help McCain at all. I think (and Karl Rove agreed) that McCain had to appear likeable. He had to get the crowd to warm up to him. He did not do that.

    So, I don’t think either candidate won clearly on the issues or substance. I thought they both articulated themselves effectively and intelligently. It was a good debate. On style, however, I think Obama came out ahead. So, it was close, but Obama, in the big picture, came out ahead, I think.

  9. I thought both verbally did well. BUT their perspectives were so different. McCain truly believes in winning the battle; but doesn’t seem to understand (and Vietnam should have been the ultimate lesson)…that one can win the battle, but lose the war.
    Where McCain fell severely, however, is in his body language. His movements are mechanical, cold and uncaring; almost robotic. His anger is apparent and scary.
    I am a psychotherapist and body language is much more revealing than verbal language. Obama was far superior in his ability to communicate the essence of being a president. McCain forced smile and stiff posture and his inability to make eye contact reveals danger.

  10. I have only one thing to say. When Senator Obama was talking and you could clearly hear Senator McCain snickering and guffawing it completely made me lose any respect for McCain that I might have had. That is so childish and pre-school. Someone commented on how Obama was talking over McCain trying to defend himself. Perhaps one should look at the debate again, it went both ways, maybe moreso in the direction that McCain was talking over Obama because he was getting beaten badly.

  11. I’m sorry but McCain is a joke and clearly lost to Obama in this debate, hands down. This guy simply has no business running for president and is getting too old to handle the stress of being president (God help us if McCain passes away if elected to office because look who’s next) whereas what Obama says makes so much more sense. I agree with blackjack that McCain sounds like a frustrated old man that seems to lose touch with the public by the day, and even more frustrated now that he’s now losing in the electoral votes and national polls that he’s pulling all these stunts such as lying to David Letterman about having to cancel and go to Washington on emergency when he really went to interview on another show across town and then trying to cancel this debate. I now saw why. Obama, despite his lack of foreign policy experience, doesn’t need to apologize for his stance and actions in the debates because he detected that what McCain preaches doesn’t connect with the American people. I’m glad he stopped McCain. You tell him off and set the record straight. And Jerry van West, you’re absolutely right. The Palin responses with Katie Couric were an absolute joke. McCain really lost it when he picked her as running mate. At least pick someone who doesn’t go all over the place with her answers and look like a deer in the headlights when asked serious questions about her past and how she would handle certainkey issues that matter to the American people. As a result of this debate, my vote goes to Obama because he is more capable of bringing positive change whereas McCain will extend the failed Bush policies.

  12. Reading the post’s on this blog it is fascinating to see how differently one must speak to different audiences to communicate the same message. Obama (who in my opinion was the clear winner) impressed me because of his well constructed arguments based on simple ideas we could all understand and agree with, where McCain’s arguments seemed (to me) to be based more on one having faith that whatever opinion he had based on his “experience” was right. Who won the debate is truly in how the listener likes to be communicated to. However with the amount of discussion and disection of each candidate’s positions that goes on over the internet, more and more as time goes on McCain’s approach of not building support for his arguments more carefully will not stand up. Obama will win this election.

  13. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days now. As far as I could tell from Friday night’s debate, it really was a wash. Neither candidate stood out. McCain used too many quotes from some of his past speeches, and Obama had nothing new to say. I was really hoping somone would stand out.
    So what I will say is this: I am really hoping that Americans don’t actually make their final decision on their candidate based on the debates. “Barack looked better. He has the appearance of a better president.” That is scary. DO YOUR RESEARCH on these candidates. See where they actually stand on moral topics. See who has actually voted more than “present” on them as well. Knowing that Barack Obama voted yes for partial birth abortions made me 100% sure in my pick for McCain. Not to mention the backing of Hollywood and the most liberal media out there in their support for Obama. I would actually be embarrassed to align myself with their views.

  14. McCain was the clear winner on content. It was a comparison between clear experience and positions formed through evident against someone who had clearly been prepped by advisors.

    The quote of the night was, “I have a bracelet, too…” Very juvenile.

    Unfortunately for McCain, Obama did not fall on his face and although he goofed a couple of times it was not an implosion, which was what McCain was kind of needing.

    McCain 1 Obama 0, but I doubt that it changed anybodies minds.

  15. This topic has been so beaten down already.

    My own opinion is no clear winner. I work in the technical field so I do not care for people who do not deliver substance and tangible results. The proof is in the works. Style alone, no matter how intelligently, eloquently and movingly is used to disguise actual knowledge that is gained from tried and tested ideas that become a valid experience, to me is only cotton over people’s eyes. I do not buy the Obama effect of eloquence, grabbing ideas and talking points out of thin air. What many call well constructed sentences Obama uses seem to be no more than long-winded, in-the-moment clause-grabbing developments about notions and eventually and mostly hot air.
    McCain is by comparison a plain-speaking man. I understand his type does not usually win listeners and viewers over like a marketing guy does so well. But I understand the policies that he stands for in the past and what he is offering to a new administration by works.

    Looking past the style and delivery and personalities, what is important are rather the values and policies that each will bring to the government and administration, than if the individual has the “looks” and the presence to assume a responsibility in the Oval Office.
    For a 143-day old senator, who is, bottom line, an extreme liberal and a far leftist, his would-be presidency will further decline the moral standards of the American family and plunge the US treasury and the taxpayer’s pocket into deeper debts, all the while the competitors on the worldstage will overtake America in trade and technological advances.

    When using your votes, look not just for an answer to an immediate need or novelty but think 4 years down the road what you want America to be like.

  16. Hey guys;

    McCains body language and guestures are pretty much dictated by his war wounds received as a POW. Just watch how he waves at people and how he stands. It’s easy to spot. As to those who want to vote for the tax and spend killing babies liberal, it is amazing that the most liberal person in the senate with the most liberal voting record is even coming close to getting your vote. All you needed to do was watch the Saddleback forum and you would have seen who really should be president. As a Christian and follower of Jesus I just have to believe that God wouldn’t be pleased with us as a nation of we elect someone who believes as Obama does. My kids were born 10 weeks early. Obama adamantly believes that it’s just fine and dandy to abort babies like mine were. My kids are now all grown up and fantastic adults now. Just looking at them and thinking how someone would believe that killing them is beyond me. I’m going to stand before God one day and be able to say I saw clearly what the facts were and that I voted my conscience. I voted for the man who thinks life is sacred and has experience and hates war enough to want to end it with a win so that we’re strong and has served us and given of himself and has sons who are serving in war right now just as my sons are. JOHN McCAIN!!

  17. it is crazy to see the hate spew from some folks mouths. but anyways the winner of the debate is clear at this point.

    mccain has lost that debate in the eyes of america, and his strategists. it is clear to see with the change in strategy. they now went away from the issues and went to the “he gave a speech in the front yard of a domestic terrorist”.

    to say that God would endorse a candidate is saying that we know the heart of God. i will not do that.

    what does obama believe that scares you so much ?

    is this war actually winnable?

    how much do you think it will matter to God when you stand in front of him who you voted for?

    just some questions for everyone.

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