A Little WEDDING help!

Promise and I are in the beginning stages of getting our wedding put together. We’re actually researching, heavily, the Southern California area. We’re looking for some unconventional reception spots. We really like modern architecture and out of the box ideas. We’re open to any/all ideas. If you’ve got anything for us would you either email me or post a comment here with ideas and links/any info on the spots.

Thanks for your help and we’ll keep you posted on what we end up doing.


16 responses to “A Little WEDDING help!

  1. Modified Arts!

  2. Museum of Modern Art in La Jolla.
    The photographer that I work for has done a few receptions there. it is BEAUTIFUL, FUNKY, and overlooks the pacific ocean.

    just saying.

  3. yay. thanks guys.

  4. is modified arts in phoenix?

  5. I also agree with Manders, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is sweet. Both the Downtown and La Jolla locations are amazing.
    Also, The Lofts at 707 Tenth are incredibly cool. I have been to a couple parties over there and was amazed by the clean cool look and the amazing views.

  6. I went to a wedding in Balboa Park (San Diego) beautiful and amazing… 🙂
    FUN stuff!!

  7. I will have to relook it up…but I used to work at the Dana Point Marriott…and there is an awesome city park across from it that others KILL to get married at…overlooking to ocean…space for guest and lovely chairs, and distance from the ocean not to become a disaster-but have the beauty in your pics. We thought about getting married there…but it gets booked quick…and I really wanted to get married in the church…

  8. What about a dinner cruise??

  9. yeah, art museums are always a great bet! some small performance venues can be good too. some friends of mine are doing that for their reception. sky bars are fun reception sites…you can have a reception among the city lights…

    also, L.A. has a lot of fantastic contemporary homes. people sometimes rent out their homes for a price for films or parties. i’m sure their has to be a listing some where.

  10. so, i talked to my friend that got married at the place i told you about. she said she had the reception on a private patio in the park, right next to the pavilion, so it was all right there and it was cheap and wonderful.
    just a thought.

  11. I’ll ask around. People at our church have gotten married all over So Cal so I’m sure they’ll have some good suggestions!

  12. do you guys know what time of year yet? or maybe you even have a date? just in case I hear of something and can check it out for you

  13. What size are you looking for? Do you need a big hall, or an intimate space? How do you define “modern”? Streamline? Mid-century modern? Deconstructivist?
    Here’s some suggestions where i know they’ve had weddings/receptions:
    Queen Mary, Long Beach
    Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles
    Wayfarer’s Chapel, Palos Verdes
    Union Station, Los Angeles
    Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

    Southern California also has new libraries and schools that have great modern architecture. One of the most interesting is about to come online next year:

    Also check out: http://laconservancy.org/preservation/resources_sites.php4
    for more ideas

    P.S. you’re just a little too late to get married at IKEA: http://info.ikea-usa.com/weddingcouples/

  14. The Skirball is GORGEOUS … try there.

  15. I am looking for wedding venues too – pretty much meeting your description above, but for me, I gotta stay in SD… if you are willing to go to the L.A. environs, these two places looked incredible! I REAALYYYY wish I was able to have mine in L.A. at one of these locals.


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