Initial Reaction…

Watch this and then simply post a comment, right after you watch it, what your intitial reaction is to this video:


21 responses to “Initial Reaction…

  1. it’s probably not to bad to be a Horse.

  2. OK, it looks like a bunch of Obama supporters tried to disrupt yet another Palin rally.

    What worried me was the position of the mounted police officer. He was sitting in such a way so as to shield the aggressors, not the victims.

  3. My initial reaction is politics is lame and I’m tired of this race already.

  4. My reaction?

    What a waste of friggin time. Neither of those groups did ANYTHING to help either cause. They’re just shouting stupid phrases at each other.

    I’m not an Obama supporter, but I’m sick and tired of people calling him “Hussein”. It’s just makes them sound uneducated and immature.

  5. First thing I heard (but not the only thing that bothered me): What happened to America–the concept of the melting pot that allowed me to grow up with Chabnam, April, Tugrul, James, Pujah, Sheretha, Michael, Tran, Pao-Ying, Marjorie and Ismail? They were no less Americans than I am. What this clip and this election tell me, is that the primitive-minded among us can only fit what they grew up in DIRECT CONTACT with into the definition of American. James is the name of a Vietnam Vet; Tran was on the North Vietnamese side. Michael served with honor in Iraq; Ismail is a terrorist.

    I just wasn’t raised to think like that, and it’s a damn shame that others were.

  6. Pure Raunch. THe obama supporters obviously wanted to start a hoo hah if they showed up at a sarah palin rally 😛

  7. Another 1:42 of my time wasted…

  8. How ignorant from both parties, no one is getting anything accomplished, nor are they getting a single point made. It really shows how redneck America is.

  9. Junior high pep rally… but with more senseless, likely-untrue name calling.

  10. gotta give them credit for on-the-fly chant writing… who would have thought to rhyme “mccain” with “hussein?”

  11. Affraid that by calling myself an Amercan I fall into the same category as either one of these groups.

  12. Can I go to bed now? Please….

  13. Hysteria as usual at these rallies. I was laughing because I couldn’t understand what that second guy was chanting over and over…Dolphin Moose Chain? That is one strange slogan.

  14. Seriously. Enough.

  15. America, still land of the free! We are still blessed to live here and act rediculous if we CHOOSE.
    Please don’t get discouraged. We still live in a great country where we have a voice! Be proud and make a difference, one by one!

  16. There are a lot of childish adults in the world.

  17. HAHAHAHAHAAHA. thats stupid. i like the last guy on the video. hahahaa

  18. I don’t know whats worse, not wanting to call myself an American anymore cause of things such as this, or not wanting to be called a Christian anymore because of the ridiculous things “they” do. On that note….I think I’ll move to Tuscany and blissfully sip wine in a countryside vineyard…

  19. My initial reaction is two fold. First of all, as someone who served this country and it ideals I am proud to see that more Americans are exercising there right and freedom gather and demonstrate their support in the political system. On the same token, I am embarrassed at the ignorance displayed by said American’s.

  20. That’s why I’m not voting

  21. Can’t we all just get along?

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