Rock the Vote!



first off, who did you vote for today!? did you vote? if you didn’t here’s my pole:

I had an incredibly awesome experience as an American voter in these last couple days. Last night, I had the chance to sit down on go over all of the candidates, all of the props and all of the issues. It has been a simply fantastic time, personally, to regain a love for this country and it’s possibilities. It’s been awesome to discuss with friends, families, pastors, right, left, moderates and more on what it means to be American.

The thing that I’ve most appreciated are the dialogues I’ve been able to have on what it means to be Kingdom Agents in America. I’ve sensed that a fundamental responsibility I have as a Christ follower is to vote through a Kingdom lens and to be a Kingdom agent with how I struck the ballot today.

I’ve personally had HUNDREDS of dialogues on this stuff and some of my favorite ones with Promise, Chip and Amy Neal, my brother, my co-workers and those of you who read my blog. As Chip and I prayed this morning, after we voted, at the end of the day God is still God and His sovereign plan is still coming regardless of who’s gonna sleep in The White House for the next 4 years. What a hope we have in Jesus and we do have a responsibility to reflect Him well, if we claim to be following Him, as we go to the Polls today.


The last thing is that I, honestly, for the first time in awhile, just felt so proud to be an American (can you hear the song just caressing your ears…hahahah?!). The above picture is of the line I stood in at 5:45am this morning with a bunch of excited Americans that were ready to vote. It was awesome! I love that we can actually be a voice for the Kingdom in how we vote. I love that I can discuss, agree and disagree openly and honestly. I love that we are FREE. How liberating. Be proud today and high five someone and just say ‘WOO-HOO, America’. hahaha. Is anyone else feeling me on this one?! It is such a blessing to live in this country!!??

Thanks to all of you that read this blog and interact on it and I hope to further be a source of great dialogue that challenges us to think deeply and respond carefully! it’s a lot of fun. I’d love to hear your experience through this process and how you felt today.

4 responses to “Rock the Vote!

  1. Brian your Papa would have been very proud of what you just said. He was a true patriot, loved his country and mostly loved His Lord with whom he now resides, and probably sees the bigger picture. And I am proud of you too. (although you should have listened better to me:)

  2. Last night was an awesome night for our country. Regardless of who you voted for you can’t help but appreciate the historical significance of the events that unfolded.

  3. Bri-

    It was a rainy one yesterday as Dan and I went to the polls to cast our vote. We had the same euphic attitude after we voted and actually sang (very silly like…) proud to be an american as we skipped in the rain laughing as we went. Yes such a privelege to know we have a voice, and even more of a hope because our hope is not in the president, though it will be interesting to see what he does, our Hope is in the Lord who is ushering his Kingdom here. Hope all is well and stoked for you and Promise (though I’ve never met her.) Peace…. Shans

  4. Brain – sometime I would like to hear your thoughts on what is a “right”. I heard that term tossed around loosely this election, especially here in California. We talk about the “right” (to free expression, to vote, to marry, to have healthcare, etc.), but are those “rights” granted by society (i.e. more like a privelege) or are they “inalienable”, and we merely recognize them? what do we mean by “God-given” rights?
    And where does our secular society derive its notion of rights? Nature? Self-evidence?
    I’m not tring to take your blog in a political direction, but I am curious as to your philosophy about “rights”.

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