Outside Looking In – Blogging, the Church and Why…


I had a fantastic, short, dialogue today with my friend CJ Casciotta who is on staff at ConversantLife.com (the blog that I write for). He asked me a couple questions and I responded and I’ll show you the dialogue in just a second. I’d love to hear from you though. What are the reasons that you blog? Do you blog or do you just read them? If you’re just a reader, what blogs do you find to be the most intriguing and why?

Here was a bit of the dialogue we had today:

CJ: what do u think about the whole blogosphere and why are ministry leaders taking the lead on it?

BW: i think it’s one of the fastest growing ways of communicating life and it’s twists and turns in the most viral way. i also think for church leaders it is another stream for people to know them at a whole new level and it creates an authentic interactive bridge into their lives. in the old hat of church world it was acceptable not to really ‘know’ your pastors, but, this next generation is almost demanding a deeper level of connection with their church leaders. they desperately want to know that we’re not plastic. they want to see our scars. they need to see that we wrestle with things and that we actually aren’t that different from normal human beings and the blog world is ONE innovative stream to that reality.


4 responses to “Outside Looking In – Blogging, the Church and Why…

  1. Very good insight Brian. With the rise of popular social networks, the net is becoming much more affluent in the lives of believers, even down to a grassroots level that is seen in blogs.

    Due to many relationships and conversations being internet driven now, and since relationships are key to Christianity, it only makes sense to see an increase in blogs for both believers and their pastors alike.

  2. When is Linn gonna get a blog?

  3. When is Brian gonna blog?

  4. I think blogging in general is a two sided sword. One end, you’re giving people a not so distorted view on your personal beliefs but then on the other end, you have to wonder how that affects people that read and never respond to a post you might make.

    I also think that Social Networking sites and blogging are tied together ableit for a smaller percentage than we’re told. The internet is still a luxury item that not everyone has regardless if every kid at youth group has it. I also think using the word “Viral” when it comes to Christianity is just another buzz word that should be shot and killed dead now; At its roots, its simply a representation of our willingness to ascribe to a common popular belief set out by the world’s standards and propagated through Facebook or Myspace type infrastructures.

    At the end of all things though— the simple most understated fact on blogging is… we want someone to listen to us. Now I’m not sure how exactly that turns out in the end but it is another outreach of ourselves wanting to be accepted and agreed with, but in a different form. So why do I blog Brian? Maybe because someone, somewhere… cares about me and what I say… maybe…..

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