A Quick Survey…

i’ve been asked to compile just a few statistics from those of you that read my blog.

The question is what Christian Bands/Artists would you most like to see in a very well produced live film recording? I need your top 5-10…trust me your input is important and think about it from a live show perspective and then sound off.

Here are mine:

1. Mute Math

2. Switchfoot

3. Family Force Five

4. Delirious

5. Hillsong United

6. Phil Wickham

7. Fee

8. Future of Forestry

9. Starfield

10. Robbie Seay Band

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see a full on film of these guys just going off? This is Darren the drummer of Mute Math doing his crazy thing –

19 responses to “A Quick Survey…

  1. I would really like to see this band called brayline. that’s my dream

  2. TROOOOOYYY! be serious for 34 seconds and answer the question!

  3. don’t judge me…

    1. jars of clay
    2. robbie seay band
    3. hillsong
    4. hanson
    5. dave barnes

    that’s all i can think of…

  4. Joey’s Bands:

    1. Mute Math (I absolutely agree with you, Brian, they’re not my number one, but they’re amazing live, from what I’ve seen, so I would see them/want them filmed in a heartbeat)
    2.David Crowder* Band
    3.Family Force Five
    4. The Glorious Unseen (Ben Crist is an amazing lyricist–his voice leaves something to be desired, but his heart is full of Jesus and he worships with music like none other)
    5.Hillsong United
    6.Skillet (I hear their live show is pretty good)

    Now bands that have Christian members, but do not consider the band as a whole to be Christian (or are simply clean-lyric-ed):
    1. Emery
    2. The Classic Crime
    3. Coldplay (I know this would be almost impossible, but a kid can dream)
    5.Jonezetta (would go very well with Mute Math)

  5. A lot are the same as yours
    1. Mutemath
    2. Switchfoot/Jon Foreman
    3. Derek Webb/Sandra McCrackin
    4. Bradley Hathaway (would make a great documentary)
    5. David Crowder Band

  6. 1. Mute Math
    2. Future of Forestry
    3. Delirious
    4. Dizmas
    5. Tree63
    6. Sufjan (does that count)
    7. Switchfoot
    8. Lincoln Brewster (not a big fan, but the dude can play and he puts on a great show, not to mention he tours w/ one of the best bass players on the planet)
    9. Phil Wickham
    10. Steve Fee

  7. I agree about Brayline! haha! Can’t believe no one said 3rd Day! I’m a huge fan! David Crowder Band. Phil Wickham. Casting Crowns.

  8. 1. Starfield
    2. MuteMath
    3. Fee Band
    4. Hillsong United
    5. Worth Dying For
    6. Phil Wickham
    7. Vicky Beeching
    8. Tenth Avenue North

  9. That Mute Math video is SICK. Crazy good.

    My top 5:

    1. Hillsong United
    2. Fee
    3. Phil Wickham
    4. Mute Math
    5. Switchfoot

  10. 1. Future of Forestry
    2. Jars of Clay
    3. The Almost
    4. LaRue
    5. Robbie Seay Band
    6. Nichole Nordeman
    7. Starfield
    8. Mercy Me
    9. Delirious?
    10. Brand New

  11. 1. Switchfoot
    2. Jars of Clay
    3. Family Force 5
    4. Third Day
    5. Hillsong United

    Yeah, I know. It looks like everyone else’s…

  12. Actually, the only one I’d differ with you on is #5. I’d trade Hillsong for Mat Kearney

  13. 1. Jeremy Camp
    2. Jadon Lavik
    3. Phil Wickham
    4. Switchfoot
    5. 33 Miles
    6. David Crowder Band
    6. Shawn McDonald
    7. Sara Groves
    8. Chris Tomlin
    9. Aaron Shust
    10. Salvador

  14. Also thought about Crowder, Third Day, etc… but a quick Google search revealed that these already exist, but some just may have been out a while… So I wasn’t sure if you were asking about bands that don’t have a DVD out yet or not…
    9. Shane and Shane
    10. Lincoln Brewster

  15. hmmm….lot of good ones here. I’ll chime in with a few:

    1. Over the Rhine
    2. Shane and Shane
    3. Matthew Perryman Jones
    4. Phil Wickham
    5. Robbie Seay Band

  16. i’d love to see anything on any one of the bands/artists listed above…but, having just seen RSB and loving their hearts, they’d be my numero ONE pick. this is fun too… 🙂

  17. I have worked with half of your listed bands in some form or another…when will we just finally work together Mr. Wurzell?

  18. So here is my list Brian! Not in any specific order of like or dislike.

    1. Phil Wickham
    2 .Emery
    3. Mute Math
    4. Future of Forestry
    5. The Foxglove Hunt
    6. The Myriad
    7. Edison Glass
    8. Lost Ocean
    9. Family Force 5
    10. The Echoing Green

  19. Phil Wickhma
    John Mark McMillan

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