if you’re like me you’ve been dying to know what the heck this word means. well…now we can finally know why our Uncle Ray and Aunt Jackie always say this word and what it actually means. HAHA!



Okay. There are some late 20th century alternative meanings, limited to the USA, e.g. ‘absurd or ridiculous’ and ‘to swindle or deceive’.


This little phrase is a variant of okay. It is 20th century American and first appears in print in a 1932 edition of American Speech.

okily-dokilyThere are several alternative spellings – okay-doke, okey-doke, okee-doke, etc. In addition to these is the comic version that has brought the phrase back to popular attention in recent years – The Simpson’s Ned Flanders’ ‘okely-dokely’.

All of them are just a perky reduplicated variants of okay, utilizing that favourite device of two-word phrases – rhyming. As a reduplication it is properly spelled with a hyphen, although it is often given without.

Like okay, ‘okey-doke’ is used to indicate that all is well, e.g. ‘everything is okay here’, but may be used when responding positively to a request. That is exemplified in this piece from Colin MacInnes’ book City of Spades, 1957:

“One Guinness stout, right, I thank you, okey-doke, here it is.

3 responses to “OKEY-DOKEY

  1. the etymology of hick phrases…it’s really not that complicated. you just butcher words or create acronyms. examples of these phrases (mixed in with some really nice touches of people living in vans down by the river):
    nekid as a jaybird

    there is a bar in san francisco called butter, please look at the menu:

    Tater Tots® $3
    BUTTER’s classic Low Carb* treat.
    We cook ’em up crispy just like the
    lunch lady.

    Cheesey Tots $4
    Let your tots swim in a sea of processed cheese for an extra buck!

    Chili Cheesey Tots $5
    Why stop with just cheese?

    Mini Corn Dogs $4
    Bite size pieces of corn dog. Ideal for sharing with your friends…
    or keeping all to yourself.

    Mozzarella Sticks (6 pcs.) $4
    Perfect when dipped in fresh-from-the-jar marinara sauce.

    Chicken Nuggets (8 pcs.) $5
    We hand select each nugget to ensure quality and taste. Your choice of Ranch or BBQ dippin’ sauce.

    Jalapeño Poppers (6 pcs) $5
    Our executive chef recommends pairing poppers with a tall can of Coors Light®.

    Deep Fried Twinkie $3
    Battered, rolled in crushed graham crackers, and fried!!! We at BUTTER
    feel that arteries were meant to be clogged.


    Two White Castle® Cheeseburgers $3
    These mini cheeseburgers are world renowned for giving revelers a solid
    base for a long night of festivities.

    Mac ‘n’ Cheese® $3
    A true American classic. This orange colored pasta tops the list as “the favorite food” of America’s youth. Try it with our signature cocktail: The Afterschool Special!

    Spaghettios® $4
    Pasta from a can, real fresh like your babysitter used to make!

    Beanie Weenies® $4
    Cocktail franks and beans smothered in a savory hickory smoked sauce. Perfect when washed down with a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon®.

    Nachos $4
    Tortilla chips covered with warm canned cheese. Get authentic and
    enjoy them with a Corona®.

    Frito® Pie $4
    Chili and cheese ladled over Fritos®. If you’re looking for a belly bomb, this is it!

    * Yeah, right.

    Twinkies – $1
    Moist golden sponge cake with creamy goodness inside.

    Ho-Ho – $1
    Spiraling swiss chocolate cake with white filling of joy.

    Ding Dong – $1
    Pretty much a Ho-Ho shaped like a hockey puck!
    Whitetrash Driver $6.50
    Vodka and Original Florida Style
    Sunny-D®. Pack ed with vitamins!

    R.V. $8
    This ain’t no Winnebago.
    Red Bull® and vodka.

    Junkyard Dog $6.50
    Stoli Vanil® and Thomas Kemper
    Root Beer® on Draught. Woof! Woof!

    Shotgun Wedding $6.50
    A shot of JD and a cold Bud tall boy! A marriage made in heaven. RIGHT?

    After School Special $6.50
    Vodka & grape soda. Jay’s favorite!

    Latchkey Tea $7.50
    A Long Island with strawberry soda instead of cola. It’s OK, Mom and
    Dad don’t get home ’till 6.

    Tangtini $6.50
    Absolut Mandrin®, Triple Sec, OJ in a Tang® rimmed glass.

  2. Hey you both, love you, missed you in the desert. Let me know if there is anything I can do for the both of you and the upcoming nuptials. We are happy to help with anything. We had a great weekend in La Quinta. Sorry we missed you. Love from Aunt Nan, whose always thinking about you! Love the pic on the tracks. You 2 are awesome. Much love always.

  3. Thought you might enjoy this piece on words like okey-dokey:

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