Boyz 2 Men – Thanksgiving 2008!

This is our journey to official ManHood!


5 responses to “Boyz 2 Men – Thanksgiving 2008!

  1. i laughed very hard.

  2. UMMMMM! YUMMY I can just smell that ol’turkey now…..I knew manhood would come eventually..thank you Gary for your contribution to that right of passage for Brian.

  3. this is a pretty epic document. I need to become a man this Christmas and get my smoke on.

  4. Impressive! I’m completely dependent upon my family for all holiday meals. This year the system crashed though… we showed up to Thanksgiving and discovered that nobody had created the gravy. So we did Thanksgiving with all the extras, but not one drop of gravy. It was the worst Thanksgiving ever.

  5. I love that you cheersed the turkey legs at the end! This was so classic!

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