Engagement Photo Shoot – November 2008

Promise and I had the chance to spend some time with our good friend, Troy Grover (check out his website). and this link to see our VIDEO. He did a shoot with us while we all spent the week up in Seattle at the Tangeman house. Troy is an awesome guy and we ‘hope the best for him’. He’s gonna be an epic photographer. There’s this odd part of me that hopes he’ll be my future brother-in-law too. He’s dating Promise’s sister Aimee. Now, that being said, it may have been TOO SOON to make that statement. HA!

We got a chance to go out and around where Promise grew up here in the Bremerton/Silverdale, Washington area and I think we captured some great photos. Promise knows all the great spots in that area and she got us situated well (as you’ll see in the photos) and then Troy just clicked away. Additionally, we got to take the ferry over to the city of Seattle and can I just say, ‘I LOVE THAT CITY’! We had an AMAZING time celebrating this beautiful season that God is writing in our lives.

We’d love to hear what photo’s you liked! Shoot a comment over after you’ve finished looking.

Enjoy the photos!


















16 responses to “Engagement Photo Shoot – November 2008

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  2. Amazing pictures; what precious keepsakes!

    Top 3 – 4526, 4424, 4030

    Absolute favorite – 4030

    Congratulations! Wish you both all the best!!!

  3. 2nd one down is friggin legit. that’s a keeper!

  4. i like the 2nd one down too! it’s totally hot! hahaha. i also like the mustang sally pictures.

  5. You and Promises’s engagement Pic’s are off the Richter Scale!!!! Where do you find these Amazing Props A SIXTY Something Stang , RailRoad Tracks & a Antique Lamp….Keeping the flava and hotness…..God Bless Bro

  6. you are one handsom sonofagun (you know I don’t like to cuss, otherwise I would have dropped the B word and sounded more cool and trendy)


  7. hot hot hot! ahaha love #9 & #12

  8. Looks like the Journey of Natty Gann up in your relationship. Don’t know it? Look it up. Jolla.

  9. Brian, you are a wooly beast. That’s a compliment. Great shots!

  10. seriously guys.. totally stoked about this… and the pics are good… whats next for hair/beard?

  11. Oo-La-La! You two babeskas are hot-hot-hot! I loved all of them but especially 12 & 13…but then again I loved 1 & 16. I can’t decide! Troy did an awesome job taking your pics. You are truly beautiful inside and out. SO happy for you!

  12. I’m sorry, but you guys are trying WAY too hard to be cool. It’s like you saw some cutting edge, high fashion people somewhere, threw all their clothes in a dryer, and both of you jumped in after them. Whatever you looked like coming out is how you took the shots…. The pics on the church site are no better; in fact, it’s a little hard to keep from laughing…. Tell your buddies to take off their lame shades, already….

  13. Not trying to be mean, of course. You DID ask us what we thought of them…..It’s just a little “Teen Wolf and Young Jan Crouch”….that’s all….

    • awesome…

      good thing you’re willing to put your REAL name and REAL email address. hahaha. i’ll believe you’re ‘not trying to be mean’ bit when you come clean. in the meantime…i’ll take it as cowardly comedy. touche! by the way…i see your IP Address…lame-o

  14. My…um…. My IP address is lame?..lol…. It’s obvious that you wanted my real contact info because you needed to try to lambast me for daring to not love your homeless werewolf thing. Don’t ask the public what we think in a public forum if you’re not prepared for an honest answer. Jus’ sayin’…..(two years later).

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