Classic WOW!

So back in August of 2007 we did a ‘sex’ series here at Cornerstone called ‘Bringing Sexy Back’. It was a blast. We just explored Gods heartbeat for sex in our lives and tried to take the silent issue in the church and bring it back to life. It was a powerful series in which we saw marriages healed, people with porn sites struck with the grace of God to the point of shutting down their lucartive business, sex addictions being confronted and dealt with and a whole list of other amazing God stories.

Anyways, I just found out about this little video today and all I could do was go, oh well.  It’s, sadly, a bit humorous when people take things out of context and try to prove a point. This group of folks or individual sliced up some video of our Pastor and put in their commentary overlays to ‘call him out’. Pretty effective. Ha!

I just wish the Kingdom of God had some more peacemakers. I had a guy recently tell me to ‘STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR SOMETHING YOU SPINELESS CHRISTIANS’…this has been thrown at me before, but, it just simply isn’t the way of Jesus. What if we really could have adult conversations about how we approach topics like sex in the church. What would happen in the case that even if we did disagree we could still have the capacity to say things in a loving way. I know this is like the impossible dream, but, this video just reminded me that in or out of relationship with Jesus we will disagree. I just think we can do that with dignity. Anyways, with dignity, I think this video is a great example of how I disagree with taking things Pastors say WAAAAYY out of context.

Anyways, you just have to watch it. It’s pretty interesting (the commentary). What are your thoughts?

11 responses to “Classic WOW!

  1. After 13 years of marriage, I love my husband more than ever- it’s amazing to me though how many feel like sex is not a vital part of their marriage -how they can put that on the back burner, and then wonder where the life and passion went!
    Thanks for posting this!
    Wild Horse Hope Ministries

  2. Oh that Neal… so much righteous indignation.

  3. I’m confused!
    If people want to discuss sex in church good for them…if not bless their hearts too.
    You’ve become a bit of a revolutionary Bri guy!
    I bet you like that I said that!!

    • yo honey…
      i think my first stab was a little unclear. i went back through and edited a bit. i hope i’m a revolutionary! 🙂

  4. The very sad thing is what people are leaving in the comments on the youtube site. I feel that Bringing Sexy Back was Cornerstone’s shining moment in the five years I’ve gone there. I am saddened by the hatred in this world.

  5. Actually I am really a peacemaker…always have been. But I also enjoy a good discussion. However when discussions get heated I think Jesus is on the sidelines going “stop arguing and just follow me…”
    and again we have to die to ourselves…………..

  6. Haha, i loved the thunder! I think Linn is bringing sexy back with that hair. Man I miss that guy, haven’t seen him in a long time.

  7. Oh wow. That is really strange. I don’t understand why someone would even create this. Specks and logs. Someone is very much missing the point of what was obviously trying to be put across. Sad day.

  8. my church has been featured on this webpage a couple times. we got 2007’s “worst easter message in the world” award.

    its nice knowing that we are in good company!

  9. Brian, I found their site (A Little Leaven) shortly before Linn did that series, and they started commenting on it based on the series advertising. I tried several times to write a response…but ended up saying nothing. I knew that no matter what I put, it would not accomplish anything.

    It is extremely sad that a bunch of “Christians” find it necessary to build a website to tear others down.

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