A Shoe?

What is there to say about a video like this one? Well, a lot! I’m curious what your initial gut reaction to this video was when you first saw it. Did it make you mad? Did you think it was funny? Did you understand? I’d love to hear your thoughts and then I’ll post mine.

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7 responses to “A Shoe?

  1. shared some thoughts over at Conversant

  2. i hadn’t seen the video until now. just heard it on NPR this am. it just makes me sad. no matter what i think of Bush, he is still and always will hold the President of the United States title. it’s funny how a people can turn so quickly on someone they once held to high esteem. even if that person didn’t deserve the high esteem, it’s sad how fast they can lose it. humans are so fickle and superficial. i hope it makes you a little sad too.

  3. dude, i laughed so hard when i saw this. that dude can throw a shoe, talk about aim, that would busted Bush’s nose…then on the flip side, Bush dodged that like a champ, truly great reflexes. hilarious. glad it was just a shoe though, wow.

  4. btw, no prob with the linkage. i enjoy your blog so i want my friends to check it out too!

  5. At least he went all out with both shoes… Right?

    Actually I’m a bit alarmed that an Iraqi threw his shoe(s) at the president of the US, no matter who he is.

  6. It is truly mind blowing how people can disrespect a leader who has fought for their rights and freedom at the risk of his own country’s support and trust. The video itself is pretty funny however, mainly because of how quick Bush is on his feet and how well he dodged those….reflexes like a cat and he’s like what sixty something?

  7. Obama would have caught it and given it to an orphan :).

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