Save The Date & The Process


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2 responses to “Save The Date & The Process

  1. A match made and destined on earth and in heaven! You two look absolutely beautiful together. As usual Promise has outdone herself with regards to design and tone with muted but striking colors.

    I love it. I don’t know if Dana and I will be able to make it (we’re trying to plan a big birthday celebration in Chicago for Dana’s mother that’s going to set us back a bit) but we’ll be there in heart and spirit.

    One thing’s for sure, we want video of the wedding. I’m sure it’ll be super stunning.

    I don’t have to wish you two the best because God has already blessed this marriage to be wonderful in every way possible. No matter what falls on your marriage NOTHING will separate you two. You were destined to be one flesh. The idea of your combined talents is almost too much to handle. If you ever have kids, watch out! That kid (or kids) will break molds and change the world.

    Dramatic? Maybe but I’m very, very excited and happy for the both of you.

    You ARE blessed.

    – Langston Love

  2. Hey Brian! We got an announcement, but didn’t know you already had the big day. So glad for you. Loved the engagement story. We just celebrated 30 years of marriage on the 30th. We have been in full-time ministry for 30 years now, too. Hard to believe!

    I went to your blog because of your mom’s email about Kate. I am praying for her and her family. JOY

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