TJ Hill – A New Years Laugh!!

Happy New Year!
In a moment of brilliance I was able to capture something FOR YOU that might just change your life. I want to introduce you to one of my friends, TJ Hill. He’s a band mate of my brother Ben. They both play together in a band called Future of Forestry out of Southern California. TJ has many talents and some of his best ones have been caught in this video (Air Popping and Whistle Trills). I can promise that if you will watch this video it will put a BIG smile on your face at the VERY LEAST!

Be sure to re-post this video on your sites or tell all your friends about it. Seriously, you’ll understand after you watch the video. Make sure to leave a comment about how hard you laughed. Happy New Year.

To follow TJ click below:



Also, if you have two more minutes, check out one more of TJ’s very unique talents…THE MUSICAL SAW!!! NO JOKE!


16 responses to “TJ Hill – A New Years Laugh!!

  1. First comment wow. TJ has skills. I’ll admit that I tried to do the airpop thing while I watched the video. I definitely don’t have the same skill set.

  2. hahahah! that is awesome! i def laughed pretty hard.

  3. I did not think it possible to be more impressed by those guys…truly amazing talent!

  4. this is the kind of quality that can and will save youtube!… nice job all.
    brian (host)
    tj (talent and laugh making master)…
    and i believe promise (fan/audience)….

    high fivz

  5. funny dude, reminds me of John from Merge

  6. thanks for sharing…a hilarious blog to kick off the new year. See, America does have talent!

  7. I think his facial expressions during all of this are the most entertaining part.

  8. I think TJ performing Canon in D or Ave Maria would be appropriate at your wedding.

  9. Yes – I want more TJ! TJ can I book you to play my funeral with the saw?

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  11. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! We cracked up over this! When does he cut a whistle trill album? And where do I know him from… other than FOF?

  12. i was skeptical, but that was dang funny!

  13. Practically speechless! When I saw the band a couple weeks ago I was more than impressed with TJ’s skills on the drums. Then he got up and played the xylophone… then he played the guitar… then he sang. My mind was officially blown then but now it’s pudding.

    Just an amazing talent and I love his cool demeanor. His nonchalant way he carries himself. So gracious and humble and still funny.

    Incredible. The saw thing was just unreal. How in the…? The fact that he was able to hit those notes so clear was just… wow.

    Wow. Wow. Wow. God has TRULY blessed this man. A tremendous talent. The only way to top that is to make a refrigerator sing.

  14. Halarious Bri, Halarious! Thanks for posting this. I got a great laugh out of it.

  15. Shelley Donovan

    Wow, Wow, Wow…I agree, really didn’t think I could be any more impressed than the concert at CS, but am impressed and wiping the tears from laughing so hard too…..

    PS I 2nd Jason’s idea…def a great idea for your wedding…..

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