Dr. Tea and Red Eye Inc.

I had the chance to go down to West Hollywood, last weekend, and met a group of people at a very Posh place called Dr. Tea’s. Let me just say…WOW!! We just had a blast. I got to meet some great people there for some tea. One of the guys we met with was a guy named Justin Mayo. Justin is the Executive Director of an arm of the Dream Center (in Downtown LA) called Red Eye Inc. They are in the early stages of getting off the ground and can I just say that God is breathing into this movement to reach the rich and poor; known and unknown. Please take a minute to check out Red Eye Inc. and sign up for their mailing list.whoweare_img

Okay and back to Dr. Tea’s. This place was absolutely genius. If you’re a Californian or ever in the LA area it is a must stop place. I actually got served by Dr. Tea and we ordered the ‘Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Tea’. OH MY, SOOO GOOD. Anyways, he also does these little deals called ‘Tea Tips with Dr. Tea’ and they are quick 3 minute-everything you wanna learn-about tea videos. I’ve watched a TON of them and you shall be enlightened too. The one below is ‘Tea 101’. Good Stuff.

Do you drink coffee or tea if you’re choosing?! Take the poll and I’d love to hear if you dug this post (otherwise I won’t waste my time with this kind of stuff)!!


5 responses to “Dr. Tea and Red Eye Inc.

  1. Hi Brian,
    Well I must tell you that Dr. Tea (or Mark Yucra or Yukie as his good friends call him!)is one of my brothers (Mark Silverstein) best friends! They have been friends for years.
    Yes, Dr. Tea is amazing and fun. Mark just got back from Yukies house last week after spending a weekend smoking Cubans and sipping tea (and other refreshments!) Small world!

  2. Uhhh… Okay, thanks for getting me addicted to Dr. Tea! I love tea, and drink 5-6 cups a day… So when I checked out his site I was STOKED! I learned so much and am looking forward to trying out some of his recipes, tips, and tricks! Thanks man!

  3. I love tea too… 2 – 5 cups a day I reckon 🙂 Think I might have to subscribe to his podcast!

  4. Ok. So just got back from Dr. Tea’s. Soooo good. Dr Tea was super nice, I’ll be back there again, no doubt. We went to Urth’s right afterward for dessert.

    We hope the best for Dr Tea and you 😉

  5. I was actually looking for more info on the Red Eye Inc. group, after a couple minutes on Google trying to find some sort of creative community of likeminded people… I found them through the Dream Center website… I moved from NYC to be near my boyfriend, whose a pastor-DJ at the first Electronica church (that we know of!)… so now I live out in Santa Clarita and need to get out once in a while! Uhm, that was a long way of saying “Sounds cool, hope I see you at the next Red Eye gig.”

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