Alternate Arrangements…

While sitting in ‘Sweet Tomatoes’ with Ryan, Jason, Matt Maher and Kenny Butler, earlier this week, the dialogue was started about songs we think could work acousticly. We then talked about songs that really maybe couldn’t be changed from their original format. We all had a few thoughts and then the legendary Matt Maher (if you don’t know who Matt is…he wrote the song ‘Your Grace is Enough’…no Chris Tomlin didn’t write that…the genius Matt Maher did…give him credit!) just mentioned that the Hillsong United tune ‘Break Free’ was one of those songs.

Well, later in the week we just could not refuse the chance to prove Matt Maher wrong. So we did and here’s what we came up with for it. Also, don’t forget to watch the bonus video of the acoustic version of ‘Your Grace is Enough’. I’ll just say in advance, you won’t be able to ‘get enough’ of this goodness. Let me know what you thought…leave a comment! 🙂


25 responses to “Alternate Arrangements…

  1. I think it needs more COWBELL~

  2. I think we are going to He!! for that. Brian’s face during his dancing is so awesome…You look so into it! Jay…great shaker job.

  3. i was just so inspired by your creativity ryan. i just couldn’t resist faces and dancing. you light up my life.

    jay – you’re my inspiration

    matt maher – your grace is enough

  4. HILARIOUS! “My Posse” haha! I loved the ice cube foam cup shaker! I am using that beauty!

  5. I can’t decide which part I like more – Jayson’s interpretive dance hand movements or his Andy Griffith Show whistle.

  6. If ears could throw-up….. mine would have. No offense of course.

  7. I have never been more proud! Love you guys!

  8. Wow guys…absolutely inspiring. Still not sure what I’m inspired to do…but inspiring none the less. Keep ’em comin’!

  9. HaHa! that is great! If you ever wondered what Sesame Street would look like if it were sponsored by Baptists… doubt no more!

  10. haha. your grace is enough for me and my posse. hahahaha.

  11. speechless.

    what’s the name of those Christian music awards? whatever it is… this deserves one of those things. doves, thats it. this is a dove.

  12. Bri Li Lightfoot

    “Break Free” rearranged at last. I have waited so long. The harmonies are tight, the quick blasts of dialogue nothing short of absurd. “Who would have thought God would give his one and only son? (I didn’t at first)” Either insightful and reflective or humorously blasphemous. This is disgustingly charming.

  13. Bri Li Lightfoot

    O and to Ryan Guard. They are the Dove Awards and Brayline is going to win one for these arrangements no doubt.

  14. You guys are a riot! Definitely more cowbell.

  15. So most of the comments that I was going to type have been posted, I’ll still put a few gems in though….was this at 2am after several chai tea latte’s? Can I get in on the 4th part harmony b/c your 3 part was ty-aight! “In the key of A sometimes G” , “I don’t think you remember so I’m gonna sing it again….remember your people”

    Pure. Absolute. Beauty. Thanks for posting!

    And on the real…..I actually disagree, I think you could make Break Free an awesome acoustic song!

  16. So is this what “staff” does as “work” 😀 hahaha I loved it! I especially love brian and j’s interpretive dances on the sides. You guys should bring those songs and that beautiful worshipful element to main stage… I know we are goign to try to pull it off in youth… hahaha

  17. hahahahahaahahaaHAHA

  18. my media player locked up, cpu smoked…I couldn’t make out the guy on the bottom right but I’m gessing… Michael Phelps???

  19. why is Carlos Whitaker tagged?

  20. OMG!!! You guys are hillarious with this one… Man I love the fun you guys are having with the music for the kingdom… This is abosolutley hillarious especially the offering cup shake at the end of the song Brian.>LOL> and harmonies on the get up and dance…Hillarious… I count it a blessing to have met all of you including the great legendary Matt…

    Much Love,
    Ray Love

  21. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

  22. Hay guys… ja,ja,ja,ja (ha,ha,ha) you guys are LOCOS!! but then that’s what people said about Amadeus M. 😛

  23. Not Expectable

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