A Gift, A Miracle…


DISCLAIMER…there is a video at the bottom of this post that YOU HAVE TO WATCH. This post is a good read too!!

Today is Ash Wednesday and it’s been a great day so far. It’s been a full day of reflection, discussion and conversation about this mysterious God that I’ve put my life towards (ash on head and all!). It started by going to Ash Wednesday Mass at my dear friends Parish called Mt. Carmel in Tempe. The homily was confronting. The priest talked about how we are so afraid to be alone. He called us ‘cell phone junkies’ and called us out on the reality of how desperately afraid our culture is of being alone, even those of us in Christ. We don’t know how, we’re scared to, we’re resistant to, we’re afraid of and we fill our lives with so many things that keep us connected to people so that we won’t have to be alone. Introvert or Extrovert we all have ‘things’ that we do that keep even our minds occupied. I was confronted by the Holy Spirit in time of reflection, during church this morning, to prioritize more time to just soak in His presence and commune with Jesus. Is this just me or are you with me on this one?

My fast for lent is going to be from soda/coffee drinks. My resolve is that I will drink water only for 40 days. I’m excited about it because I actually will have to choose water in my day multiple times and it’s in those times that I just want to remember who is my true drink. Jesus. He’s the one I’m after and He’s the one I’m staking it all on! I want to know Him more and I’m thankful for a season of fasting that will lend itself to the gift of knowing Jesus more intimately. I’m amped to have an opportunity, throughout the rhythm of my day, to willingly choose something that will serve as a reminder of Jesus sacrifice for me, for us and for humanity. Thanks be to God (as they say in the Catholic Mass).

I returned back to our church campus here at Cornerstone just to run into beautiful tears. Our amazing Kenyan sister, Caroline, is living here in Chandler, AZ with our Pastor and his wife as she pursues her Masters degree at Arizona State University. What’s never been said very loudly is that Linn and Lisa Winters (our pastor and his wife) live one of the most generous lifestyles that I know. I could make a list of 10+ people (including myself) that they’ve take into there home in times of need and just to be a blessing. Caroline is next on that list of people that they have been gracious to as she lives with them now and for the past 4 weeks Linn and Lisa have been ‘just figuring it out’ with their 2 cars to make sure Caroline has transportation to get to ASU. Relentless giving. Very cool!

That being said, I came back to the church this morning and Caroline came in gasping for breath, filled with tears and, honestly, I couldn’t tell if something bad had happened or what. She then went on to explain what I then made her sit down with me to video record this very special day and what it means to her. So sit back for a minute and listen to this beautiful woman as she talks about a faithful God and tells a story of unique and profound blessing. PRAISE BE TO GOD!! Music courtesy of Robbie Seay Band – Hallelujah, God is Near and Matt Maher – Unwavering.

I’m curious…what would you be willing to give up during Lent?

To learn more about Huruma Childrens Home – CLICK HERE.

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5 responses to “A Gift, A Miracle…

  1. Brian, great post. I’m glad to hear that my home church (and former employer) treated you well. I miss AZ & Mt Carmel 🙂
    For Lent, I’ll be sacrificing sarcasm. I’m *extremely* sarcastic and I’ve started to realize that I use it to push people away and to foster bitterness within. It won’t be easy, and I’m not going to be perfect. But my hope is that it will give the Lord room to root out negativity in my life.

  2. killer man! that’s amazing! i’d love to hear about what God does as you uproot that in your life. let’s check back Easter weekend!

  3. I have only met Caroline once at Linn and Lisa’s house when she was visiting, and I never forgot her. She absolutely radiates with love for Jesus. What a blessing she has been given, but what a blessing she is to everyone who knows her- even for a moment!

  4. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing that. Caroline is so amazing and I feel so blessed to know her and to see how God is using her life. What a blessing for them to be able to bless her like that and to be a part of what God is doing with her. I’ll be praying for you during your lent commitment. What a cool way to remember what we really thirst for! 😀

  5. Way cool! Thanks for taking the time to record this very special time in Caroline’s life:) Also, wanted you to know that I was having that same wrestling match yesterday re: this notion in life that activity suggest purpose… and that MORE activity may actually result in MORE & profound purpose… A foolish worldly practice clearly invented and kept alive by the enemy. The ability and actually the “discipline” to be still is far more difficult to take hold of and sustain over the long haul. This has been an exciting & challenging time in my personal life as I am seeking a renewed depth in this specific part of my walk. I’m really excited to see what God does during this lent season with your commitment! I will be joining you in sacrificing multiple unnecessary elements of my daily routine:) Love Ya’…. stay the course!

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