Technology and Ministry – Shane Hipps & Rob Bell

This is a video of Rob Bell interviewing Shane Hipps on the means to the end as it relates to the church and where it’s going. He speaks to the aspect of truly being on the mission with Jesus and alludes to the reality that You and I are the medium. You’ve heard the old phrase ‘Methods change, but, the message doesn’t.’ Hipps says, what if the ‘medium is the message’? What if we truly lived as though WE were the medium? Great stuff. Simple reminder. What are your thoughts on what he had to say?

4 responses to “Technology and Ministry – Shane Hipps & Rob Bell

  1. my thoughts:

    you need to post YOUR thoughts. You post stuff and ask “What do you think”. Here’s what I think: there are three or four guys in my life who I can sit and listen to for hours and hours, and you’re one of them.

    So start talking…punk.

    p.s. the wedding invites look great. you’re one classy guy.

  2. I’m having a rough time swallowing that WE, as a broken people would somehow be “the message” over the message of the love of Christ. I understand that we are the sons and daughters, the people of God, the Church and we are the vehicles through which God does most of His work here on earth. I and get that the Message is delivered through us as His people.

    But to describe and convey that the actual message of God is us seems a bit skewed to me. I feel as though it’s stealing a lot away from what Christ was here for.

    Maybe I’m reading into it differently though…I’d like to hear some other peeps thoughts….

  3. That all seemed convoluted to me. I thought I understood where he was going but he turned back on himself a few times. I thought he was saying that technology and the like are altering our view of the gospel and impacting our theology to our detriment and I was on board. But that isn’t where he ended up.

    Foundationally Christianity is all built upon Jesus and points to Jesus. We either stand upon Jesus and point to Jesus or stand on shifting sand and point to ourself. But to say the message itself is us, I can’t for the life of me see anywhere in scripture that would be supported. I wish he would have used scripture to support his thesis, that’s always helpful, when none appears I get skeptical.

  4. I bought Shane’s book yesterday. Gonna give it a read.

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