A Spring Sunday @ Cornerstone – Worship/Audrey Assad

From time to time I want to post some of the music that we’re doing at Cornerstone. I know, for me, since Jarrett Stevens canned 7:22 @ North Point (only kidding jarrett), I’ve been hard pressed to find music online that we (as a team) can go and get creative ideas from week to week. Anyways, yesterday was a special day here at Cornerstone. A really good friend of mine from Nashville name Audrey Assad was here and helped lead music in our gatherings all day. These are a few of the videos from yesterday.

This first video is a new tune Audrey wrote called ‘Love is Moving’. WOW! If you don’t watch anything else on this post…watch and listen to Audrey’s song. Hopefully some of these videos will serve as a resource to inspire and encourage your ministry or life.


12 responses to “A Spring Sunday @ Cornerstone – Worship/Audrey Assad

  1. wow! this girl can sing!! great capture.

  2. Cool video’s. Thanks for sharing. Is the video team in house or did you bring someone in to film?

  3. thank you for posting these πŸ™‚

  4. dang… I miss being in that room with you every week.

  5. I second what Ryan said. I miss being enveloped by the music there. I miss it more than I even realize sometimes!

  6. thanks for your kind words peeps! we really enjoy the team that we have at cornestone. there is a lot of talent around those parts.

    the video team is in house. what you’re seeing on the video’s is what we use on our side screens for IMAG and the mix is actually coming off of the front of house position. i can honestly say it’s a whole different experience in the worship center, but, for what it is these videos turned out with great image and audio! very cool. props to seth wells and jim stamps for their work on the tech arts stuff.

  7. Great, great, great, great stuff! Brian, were you a drummer or guitarist first? Everyone is so on point. I am truly blessed by worship like this. It is so hard to find at times and I am refreshed to see this. Thanks a million for putting this up!

  8. That’s a pretty LP you’re shredding there bro. πŸ™‚

  9. Jaydubbs, I hate to sound judgemental, but I don’t think Brian was shredding…Shredding is for clubs and metal bands, not for worship….Brian understands this…You will notice he is utilizing the “powerchord” or “5” type chord which eliminates the 3rd in a typical triad. Additionally, he utlizes this shape while droning the high E and B strings, creating sounds not unlike an angel’s harp. I appreciate your passion for worship, but don’t use sinner’s terms for the Lord’s work.

  10. Multiple Squiers? Nice deal!! Put a slayer sticker over the lipstick pickup and rock!

  11. What does you Church use for effects on the vocals? I love the sound!

    Thank you!

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