Monday Afternoon – Break For A Laugh

Props to good friend and BRAND NEW BLOGGER Stephanie Pereida for this brilliant Monday afternoon post.


9 responses to “Monday Afternoon – Break For A Laugh

  1. what a creepy little gremlin monster. this will haunt my dreams for many years…

  2. he kinda has some of your dance moves:) My stomach hurts from laughing

  3. no, I was seriously just laughing SO HARD!!!
    and my kids were STARING at him!! awww thanks Brian.

  4. you let your CHILDREN watch that? hope you don’t plan on sleeping tonight!! that kid is probably on his way to your house already to come and live under Jackson’s bed.

  5. Ryan – I really think you need to start working the Wii steering wheel into your Sunday morning worship – it really worked for this kid!

  6. I love kids!!!! This kids adorable…
    are you sure this isn’t Bri guy age 8?

    • well, i can’t say i was much different Honey. it’s a tough gig to be that weird, but, someones gotta do it.

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