Easter Ties…

Happy Easter! What an absolutely amazing weekend of gathering around the victory of the empty tomb. We celebrated with lots of singing, shouting, jumping and smiling; a little over 10,000 of us at Cornerstone (WOW…WOW…WOW – i can remember when we had 700 people in the seats. what a fun ride). Christ in us the Hope of Glory!

This fun little video is from Easter morning. What’s Easter without a good tie? Well, for me it’s just Easter without a tie and this is mostly because I don’t really know how to tie a tie. Yes, I know they make clip ons. No, I don’t want a clip on. That being said…here is my venture of tying my tie this morning with a little help from my band mates. I’ll grow up one day, I know I will!

7 responses to “Easter Ties…

  1. yo gangsta… you guys def killed it today!!! i hope you can learn how to do this tie gig without so many male hands..

  2. I’m a master of the Double Windsor. Give me a call and we’ll get it all worked out for ya. 😉

  3. I think a career change is in order – can you say professional hand model? Look at those mitts – they’re goooorgeous! That’s it! I’m starting a new daily hand moisturizing regiment – I’m officially “in training” so if I refuse to shake your hand please understand. Ha!

  4. YES SIR…. I’m so proud…. tear~

  5. The key to the ties is this… 🙂 (I swiped this idea from my all-too-awesome-husband, by the way…) Anyhow, Shawn KEEPS his ties TIED!! Yes, after the first successful tie – whether it had come already pre-tied, if he did it himself, or someone else had, Shawn merely loosens it then pulls it over his head! It saves a lot of time and confusion for next time! 🙂 LOL!

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