I’m Sorry…

A few weeks ago I posted a ‘Video of the Day’ and it was of a guy named Tim singing ‘Everlasting God’. In a moment that I found kind of humurous and worthy of sharing with you what I didn’t think about was how it might impact Tim, personally. I recieved a ‘comment’ on the post from Tim today and it actually broke my heart and put me in check.

This is a piece of what Tim wrote:

That video originally was made for my audition to the praise band at my church. It was hard enough to not get chosen to fulfill my life’s ambition of singing and using my gift to bless others , but to have people I don’t even know mock and joke about my ability is something else.

I really felt pretty bad as I read this note from him and I immediately deleted the blog post and wrote Tim the following email:

Hey Tim…

My name is Brian and I just need to offer you a sincere apology. As I saw your comment on my blog today it really was a reality check. I, obviously, don’t know you and you don’t know me; and I apologize for taking liberties, at your expense, to make an already difficult situation even harder for you. This is not what the Kingdom should look like at all and for that I am sorry my brother!

I just want you to know that I will be removing that post and making a public apology, on my blog, regarding the post.

Hopefully, you can offer me forgiveness and know that I never fully thought through the way it could impact you, personally.

Blessings to you Tim,

This is one of those learning experiences for me that will remind me to THINK BEFORE I POST! I felt compelled to make a public apology to Tim and I do hope he can extend grace to me in my poor decision to post. Let this be a reminder to those of us who follow Jesus and have blogs…THINK BEFORE YOU POST. Let’s build each other up and not tear each other down. The Kingdom of God will be better if we run with that heart!



7 responses to “I’m Sorry…

  1. Brian,
    Thanks for being humble enough to apologize and hopefully Tim will be gracious enough to forgive. Tim, if you read this blog, you should know that Brian is a great guy and even the best guys sometimes get side tracked to what is right and good. I work in the worship department at my church and it always hurts when we have to tell someone that they aren’t good enough yet at their craft. Be encouraged though Tim, God has given you a passion for Worship Arts, and even if singing or playing is not as refined as your church is looking for, God will use you in some other area that you never even dreamed…

  2. Brian – I applaud your deep character. It takes guts and humility to do what you did. I love that you are honest and vulnerable with your story – another picture of the Kingdom of God.

    Jeanne Stevens

  3. Not that he would have posted the video on youtube for people to make fun of.. but why did he share it with the world in general?
    According to youtube.com there have been 469 views of his video and only 2 comments, one of which I know the person.
    Anything that is now posted online in full public view is up for grabs to people’s comments.. both good and bad. What happens when we censor these? Even if we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings?
    I know that is a large debate in the christian circle of.. what to tell people that don’t sound like a star? And not the whole ‘Everyone is a star in Gods eyes’. Yes I know that. I’m glad that person likes to sing. And he’s not Brenton Brown.
    Just like Chris Tomlin isn’t Bluetree. Type those two bands in, and you’ll find out the comparison.

  4. Brian, Thanks for sharing your apology with Tim and with us and being an example of a good leader, and having a Christlike character!


  5. Dear bro Brian,
    I applaud and admire you for the transparency in this experience gained. You have respected Tim for how he felt and offered him the apology in a humble manner that you did. This speaks of your character and that you are someone that cares about others’ feelings. I say a low profile “awesome” for you!
    How you wish to handle a similar scenario the next time, I will be interested to know!
    However, I would have done the same thing in the first place if I were you then, without malice, with good intentions, bringing glory and praise to Jesus our God and worthy Savior.

    If you were reading this blog too, I hope you feel better knowing Brian actually cares. Hey, do not let anyone deter you from using your gift to bless others, if you firmly believe God gives you that. I would also say do not be discouraged whether you may hear a few negative critiques either on youtube, on other blogs or during a worship session that you lead in future. Every day, every Sunday, there are a few people who criticize any given worship leader’s playing or singing skills. I am sure I have also been on the receiving end of this in the past. But I know that I was not doing it as a “performance” before men, but rather, to follow through with God’s calling, the mission to lead folks to render worship in spirit to the Living God. I will totally accept it if a number of people are sidetracked and are out of sync. Sad, but true. But I will also know that some people will be giving up their time and their spirit to go to the Lord in worship and praise because they get in tune with the leading! And that, is worth being humbled.

  6. way to own up, amigo…

    There’s nothing like a good kick in the pants.

  7. Eli Gillespie

    Ida told him you shouldn’t put your video on YouTube if you don’t want millions of people to see it!!!! Then Ida told him that he’s the new Chocolate Rain; enjoy the fame! But I’m not known for being nice…. hahaha

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