Wedding Countdown…

In, exactly, a week from today Promise and I will covenant with each other and our God in Marriage. I cannot wait for this amazing day. We’re buttoning up all the final details for the wedding and it’s coming together for an absolutely epic night. God has really provided the right people for this thing and it’s going to be a great honor to have such talented people making this special day so amazing.

Our good friend (and hopeful future brother in law), Troy Grover (who was the MC for the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk for a few years), is going to be MC’ing our reception along with one of the HOTTEST bands from Phoenix called Whatcha See Whatcha Get. We’re gonna’ party like it’s 1999. We, obviously, would have loved to make our wedding an ‘open-invite’ to everyone, but, WOW these things cost some cheddar and we don’t have enough of it to invite everyone. Either way, Troy Grover says that EVERYONE needs to spend 5-10 minutes time learning this dance. If you’re coming to our wedding…SERIOUSLY…just take 5 minutes and get acquainted with this here special ditty and learn the moves so you can just be ready to BRING IT, Hannah Montana style.

OH WOW…this is going to be way to much fun! Don’t mock it ’til you try it! HAHAHA


9 responses to “Wedding Countdown…

  1. You should have somebody setup a streaming webcam so you can stream the ceremony online!

  2. I’d rather get mule-kicked in the neck than do this dance, or any other dance for that matter.

    I do love this about you though…

  3. It’s sad not being able to see you say I do…but I’ll miss doing this most of all!
    (I think we’ll get the fam to learn it anyway and do it at our celebration up north!)

  4. THOSE GUYS ARE PLAYING AT YOUR RECEPTION?!?!?! They may be the one reception band to top ours. This is going to be awesome!

  5. two words. wedding crasher. hahAHA. jk but seriously, this is BIG bait 🙂 loves to guys! so excited for you both and can’t wait to see the incredible pics!

  6. Brian, seriously. You guys better practice the dance, because I’m throwing you and Promise out there first to lead everyone in the dance 🙂
    Make Hannah proud!


  8. Good Lord. That video goes faster than my accelerated math class…
    and yes
    I tried the moves.

  9. um..we definitley spent my best friends 20th birthday learning this dance..i LOVE it

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