Sonic Awareness – Session 1

Earlier today I had the chance to team up with Ryan Axtell to really dive into the nuts and bolts of the evolution of the Acoustic Guitar for the Worship Leader. In this video, Ryan uncovers a new discovery of ours that we think could shape the culture of equipment for Worship Leaders, internationally. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts! This will also be featured on our Cornerstone Worship Arts Blog.


15 responses to “Sonic Awareness – Session 1

  1. You guys crack me up! You’re just having way too much fun…

  2. So…do you guys actually work during the week or do worship leaders just get to do whatever they want while holding an instrument? If so sign me up 😉 Haha this is awesome you guys. Thanks for leaving the strato-custic out of tune and pulling out a little Lord I Lift Your Name On High…classic! This is why Cornerstone is #1.

    • I do sense the sardonic tone in your reply Chris. Hopefully, we can serve as a resource for people everywhere to buy out their local guitar shops stock of stratacoustics. get yours bro, come on!


  3. Wow – I can’t believe I just watched the entire 6 minutes of that video. 6 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Keep up the hard work boys 🙂

    • yeah, but Kory, come on man…it’s 6 minutes that you know filled your average day with joy! can we at least agree on that one??

  4. HAHAHAHAHAAHAH. oh my gosh. ryan is such a salesman.i cant tell if this is for real or not. hahha. perfect for baptism settings. hhahahaa

  5. So this is what Worship Leaders do to recover from those very long Sundays at CSChandler huh? So, Ryan, you know if this whole Worship Leader thing doesn’t work out, I think you might be able to get a gig on infomercials at about 2 am! And nice contribution from Jason, with lunch…

  6. I am auditioning Goethe shamwow commercials

  7. Oh happy day – this means there’s hope for Richie Sambora to become a worship leader! (obscure reference only applies to those born prior to 1980) I wonder if he knows? Ha!

  8. I meant I am AUDITIONING for the SHAMWOW commercials…and nice Avatar James!!

  9. I want a stratacoustic !!!!!

  10. Brian – I’ll give you that. It was a 6 minute respite from the mundane work day.

  11. Keira Jennett

    Thank goodness I’m taking lessons with J Dubbs, I already knew all of this!! 😉

  12. David Biederbeck

    Wow, that cracks me up! I like the line that says “but most are not good enough to play the electric!”

    On, and nice intonation there at the end.

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