In Ear Molds – The Process

The boys and I filmed the process of us getting our in ear molds  done for our in ear monitors. For those of you asking what these things are they just allows us to have a custom mold of our ear for the headphone monitors that we use on stage when we’re playing. You probably see us fidgeting with our ears a lot on stage because right now we use a ‘one-size fits all’ kind of headphone. With these custom molds we are able to, comfortably, have the best seal which provides us with the best sound from our headphone monitors.

If for nothing else the video is kinda fun and fairly informative on the process. Enjoy!!


6 responses to “In Ear Molds – The Process

  1. dude, im curious to see what you think of those futuresonics single driver’s i have the UE7 molds, and they shattered when they fell off the wire, so be careful, i thought they were solid, but they are hollow and will shatter like glass. So, ill be getting new ears soon, may try them after you share your thoughts.

  2. Awesome video! So I guess it must just be that time of year, because our worship pastors were doing the same thing today! (with facebook photos to boot) Crazy.

  3. Hey Brian! Thanks for sharing all the in-depth coverage of ear molds!

    I had some made for longer motorcycle trips (with no monitors) and they work great. Takes a bit to get them in and out so I’ll be curious what you think since you pop your current ones out pretty often!

    Hope they work great!

  4. Nice! But… is it just me, or does it look like they’re doing all this work in the waiting room? Cr-a-z-y!

  5. JayDubs – Dude, you ever hear of a Q-tip? Keep those canals clean 🙂

  6. Kory – Very funny guy. Last time I checked they didn’t make a Q-tip that snaked down and reached your tympanic membrane, because that’s what they had to do!

    They were pretty much touching my grey matter.

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