A Hearing Test!


You’ve gotta watch this video it’s actually ridiculous, but, I’m curious if you can hear this frequency.

12 responses to “A Hearing Test!

  1. Okay, what is the actual frequency number?

  2. Did you make sure that Lindsay could still hear it in the video?!!!

    I’m old 😦

  3. Okay. I downloaded the app and I turned it on and I can hear it… the problem is, now I can’t tell if it’s off or not. I’m kinda freaking out.

  4. You can’t hear it on the video

    • Aaaaahhhhh of course this happened. I think Ryan turns the volume down at the beginning of the video. GRRREEAAATTTT. This expiriment is a bust.

  5. Played that ap for a bunch of old guys sitting in my shop, none of them could hear it. Just don’t do it around dogs they go kinda crazy.

  6. Yeah, there are certain frequencies that as we get older, we can no longer hear, generally. My guess, is that Lindsay is just young enough so she can still hear it. Don’t feel bad Brian, it just means you’re getting old! 😉

  7. I turned it back up when the camera looked away. You guys should all go watch the video on my blog… it’s better over there.

  8. no way dude, i cant hear it, i got the app and walked all around our office, no one could hear it…

  9. for what it’s worth, i couldn’t hear it.
    pretty funny video though.
    and kinda “wake-up-call” ish in regards to trying to preserve hearing.

  10. Great, I downloaded “Annoy-A-Teen Lite,” and I heard the 2 KHZ, but when I switched it to the 15KHZ, I heard nothing unless I put my ear up to the speaker, barely heard a sound, but my 4 year old flew out of bed and ran in saying it hurt his ears. Guess I shouldn’t have been in the 5th row of Aerosmith Monday night.

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