Michael Jackson – The Death of A Legend


I’m a pretty big Michael Jackson fan. The reports today of his cardiac arrest and his death are heartbreaking. He’s an entertainer like no other and has a songwriting ability that only a few have and a voice like no one in history. I know some people that have worked with him and they say he was an unbelievable musician and quite a guy.

Whether you think he’s weird or great, he was an epic talent and that’s undeniable. Truly this historic day is a sad one for those of us that appreciate great artistry!

Are you a fan? What is it about M.J. that you really dig? Seriously, how big of a bummer would it be to have lost the King of Pop today?

7 responses to “Michael Jackson – The Death of A Legend

  1. It’s always sad to watch a star rise, then see them fall. Crash and burn even. Do we, the fans, do this to them? Push them over the edge?
    I know that’s not the question you asked, Brian, and I agree, I think Michael Jackson was a HUGE talent. He did the best he could, I think, with what he had to work with. Could he have gone a different direction with his talent? Maybe. Could he have gone a different direction with his fame? Probably. But he did the best he could, being Michael Jackson.
    I’m so sorry for his family, for the fans that still love him, and especially for his children who will grow up not knowing their dad, just knowing him through what will be written about him. And I hope that, with that in mind, the authors will be kind.

  2. he was on my short list of people to see in my life. at least i have his DVD from Budapest.

  3. Jonathan Russo

    I can’t say enough about Michael, from his music to his love for humanity to his unyielding drive to bring all races together as one. Man in the Mirror, Black or White, We are the World, just read his lyrics and see where his heart was.
    I think it’s sad that people hold onto the negative mark that man makes so closely. Yeah he was a little weird, who isn’t?
    The man was a genius and his music will continue to touch my life and boggle my mind forever.

  4. MJ was a huge influence in my life. Not so much in my music career, because I have none. But, he was a person that I grew up watching as a kid and teenager. When I was in school, he was the man. Everybody loved him. I have never seen a talent like his in my lifetime. His voice, songwriting, dancing abilities are legendary. Plus, I believe he brought about the visual medium in music like no one else. Hope MTV pays respect to the man who saved their network. It sadened me to watch him self-destruct over the past 15 or so years. He was my generations Lenon/ Elvis. My greatest memory of him is twofold, 1) Watching his performance on Motowns 25th Anniversary show live, and 2) Captain EO. Oh well, atleast we have the music and videos….again, very bummed.

  5. honey silversein hutchcroft

    kim and I have been talking about alot of memories of when Kim recorded with Michael. One day we took Heather to the studio and Michael was there with his monkey…Heather was terrified of them both and wouldn’t even stay in the same room as Michael. Another time Kim was recording the Off the Wall album and it was Harmonys birthday and she had about 10 little girls over. The phone rang and I picked it up and it was Michael Jackson saying “is Harmony there”.. He called to wish her a Happy Birthday!!!
    I feel we are really lucky to have these memories. Michael was a great talent.

  6. Michael Jackson was a HUGE talent in my life. I have always been a HUGE fan as well. My first album that I ever bought with my own money was Off The Wall. I was too young at the time to appreciate good music and I bought it because I liked the cover art. Then I got home and put it on my record player and was blown away. Completely blown away. I eventually had to buy numerous copies after that because I would play them so much they got worn out. Michael Jackson was my introduction to the world of music, which led me to get into radio and other music ventures.

    He was a fantastic entertainer and I the only time I got to see him live was on The Jackson’s victory tour.

    I am so glad that he has left us with some of the greatest music ever as his legacy. As for his weirdness, who in the music business was not weird. Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, John Lennon. They all had their weird sides as do all of us.

  7. I was no huge Fan of Michael Jackson but did love a few of his songs; too bad he was not more dedicated to worshipping G*D instead people was worshipping HIM!I fear he died because of someones malpractice! You dont give Demerol to a person with a weak heart or anorexia! Its a sad day when anyoen died before his time, may G*D have mercy on his soul!

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