Audrey Assad || Little Light || Song for Kate McRae


My dear friend Audrey Assad is a Nashville based singer/songwriter/worship leader and is exceptionally gifted when it comes to those things. I’ve had the chance to become friends with Audrey through a mutual friend/sonwriter named Matt Maher.

Last night, Audrey tuned into to our Global Night of Prayer for Kate McRae. As we were praying together, via the web, Audrey just sensed that God was giving her the words to a song for Kate. It was a song of hope and prolific for that matter. She penned the words last night during our prayer, but, did not have the melody. We prayed that God would give her a strong melody to accompany these beautiful, hopeful lyrics. I got a text message this morning that the ‘worktape’ was finished and in my inbox.

When I got back home I gathered Promise and Lindsay (who’s one of our temporary roommates). The three of us sat in our living room as tears filled our eyes because we knew that God had given little Kate and the McRaes a song of hope specifically for them. I immediately email the song to Aaron and Holly. I soon got a call from Aaron McRae about the song. He was without words.

From Aarons words, ‘Kate had just come out of the MRI and we were all celebrating the victory that she was moving her right side. We then got the email with the song, called all the family in the hospital to come and listen. We all gathered around Kates bedside with tears in our eyes and listened to the song with Kate.’

I’m reminded through the situation with Kate that when we just step up and use our God given talents/abilities and be faithful with them God will use us! Let Audrey’s Song be a reminder to you to get creative, be a blessing and let God use what He’s given you to be a blessing to people around you. Just so you know…you’re gonna start hearing a lot more about Audrey Assad VERY SOON! She’s singing a song that she wrote called ‘Wintersong’ on Chris Tomlin’s new Christmas record that is sketched to release in October!

Here are the Lyrics to Audrey’s song called ‘Little Light’:

Little Light

Audrey Assad

Look at all the angels watching you
They’re singing songs that we have never heard
Their voices ring like bells over the mountains
Oh, if only we could hear their words
God is near, little girl.

Your eyes are brilliant,deep sky blue.
Your quiet wisdom is an evening song.
The angels must be breathless at your beauty
Like the world catches its breath before the dawn.
God is near, little one.

And Jesus bends to hear you breathe;
His tender hands are holding you tonight.
His heart is ravished when you look at Him,
and oh, the endless mercy in His eyes;
God is here, little light.


11 responses to “Audrey Assad || Little Light || Song for Kate McRae

  1. Wow……what an awesome blessing.

  2. It’s such a beautiful song, and prayer. Yes, a great reminder that our creative gifts are worthwhile and valuable, as both Promise and Audrey have shown. A good reminder for this songwriter :] to keep writing! ❤

  3. larryboatright

    wow. I’m just speechless and moved beyond measure. Praying for this dear family as if this child were my own….

  4. Brian…does their family have any $$$ needs at this time? Perhaps gift cards for meals for the family for restaurants near the hospital? Please post anything you may come to find out and where we could send help!

    Thanks for all you and Promise are doing to get this angel bathed in prayer!

  5. I’m speechless. That is so beautiful and so touching. What a blessing and an encouragement to those like little Kate and her family.

  6. this song is beautiful and it moves me everytime i hear it.
    im 16 years old and my best friend has cancer.
    i found out about kate and found the website, and i heard this song for the 1st time, i fell in love and i felt my soul open up and begin to gain faith and hope again through the lord.
    thank you for such an amazing song and for helping me find hope and faith again.
    god bless and may god take care of our loved ones.

  7. I have a niece who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and is currently undergoing treatment. I have been following Kate’s story and find unbelievable comfort in Audrey’s song. Is there anywhere I can purchase this song? I’ve searched everywhere. I know my family will be blessed by it.

  8. What an amazing song. I am praying for blessed little Kate and this song is so inspirational.

  9. Can I find it anywhere to download?

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