Switchfoot: Two (of many) Reasons I Like These Guys

Also…this video for some reason had me laughing pretty hard. Apparently they stopped off in Memphis at a Coffee Shop and found this here NordicTrac. HA! The phrase that abides is…’Don’t HASSLE the DASSLE’. Just say that out loud without trying to laugh at the way it sounds. Anyways, These guys are top shelf musicians, anthropologists and people!

Picture 4

4 responses to “Switchfoot: Two (of many) Reasons I Like These Guys

  1. booooooring. 🙂

    • you’re right! i forgot to mention that they’re boring too! ANDY – don’t hassle the dassle bro. seriously

  2. Nathan Baldwin

    Brian! enjoyed your post on RyanGuard today.

    So I’m looking at your blog for the first time, good stuff. having a chuckle too…. I made myself a new header last week:


    what else is there to be about right?! it’s a pretty short list!

  3. Michael Madrid

    Haha man i gotta get out to the bro-am next year! Those guys are great!

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