Kenya – First Thoughts…


We are hours away from our departure to go serve the widow, the orphan, the sick and the needy. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to be in the place where my dear friend Mama Zipporah has given her life away to that end. We rumble away on a jet plane tomorrow morning and there we’ll set sky for a good long 20+ hour travel day to get to Huruma Childrens Home.


Promise did a collaboration project with an amazing guy, Barton Damor. They did a ‘Layered Tennis’ Project during the month of July that ended up on Tee-Shirts and Poster Prints. It’s really super cool! You can get more info on how to purchase these on Promise’s Blog. All of the profit generated from the sales go directly to Huruma Childrens Home, so get your shirt and get hip to Justice! Seriously!

I’m hoping to be a little more active on the blog, during this trip, than I have been in recent months. Throw it in your RSS feed and keep up with us while we’re in Kenya. Promise is taking her camera, I’ll take my FlipCam and we’ll try to upload some photos/video during the trip too (who knows on their internet connection).

Please pray for these things:

1. For the health of the team. Ask God to give us favor with our health. We want to be effective and often in primitive conditions like this people just get sick. We’re asking God for an extra dose of His help in this area.

2. Pray that our connection with these children would go a long ways. Pray that we’d have some opportunities to really minister to some of these children who have been through hell on earth. Most of these children have been abandoned, abused…you name it they’ve been through. Pray, specifically, that God would use some of our time to help uproot the bitterness that some of these kids carry in their young lives.

3. Pray that God would actually send amazing protection as we travel and journey over 9,000 miles
4. Pray that our team would have amazing chemistry and that God would empty us out and rennovate our hearts!

Keep checking back here and on my Twitter feed for more updates! Thanks for your prayers!



3 responses to “Kenya – First Thoughts…

  1. parkeroverturf

    Safe travels man, we leave on monday too, Dale said Sept your heading our way? Looking forward to it

  2. We will be praying! So great that you guys get to go and experience Huruma and the beautiful children there. God will do amazing things.

  3. Brian,
    Thanks for being God’s hands and feet. Safe travels.

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