Kenya – Day 1

We are at the airport, the team is assembled and we are so excited. There is an anticipation in our spirit and it’s going to be a great trip. We’ve been intentional with our desire to pray and we’ll continue to be prayerful as the journey continues. We’ll be praying at each gate, before we board and just asking God to empty us of expectations and our desires. The hope is that we would  be filled with Gods heart for us on this trip and not with our heart for this trip. Would you remember to pray for us? Would you put us in a reminder in your calendar? We’d love it. Here’s a photo of the team praying it up.

photo 2

Also, here’s my lovely…she’s in the story tellers seat, telling stories of the experience with getting shots for the trip. You should ask her where those shots ended up? HAHA. Next stop ATL then London then Nairobi!

photo 1


2 responses to “Kenya – Day 1

  1. Dude… I just got back from a trip to Kenya (and Uganda)! It was amazing! I will certainly be praying along with you guys, and I look forward to the updates here!

  2. trackin your trip! keep it coming

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