A couple years ago I had the opportunity to meet a woman named Mama Zipporah from the Hills of Nairobi, Kenya. She’s a revolutionary Native Kenyan who has taken on the plight of the less fortunate. If you’ve seen the documentary ‘Invisible Children’ you will note, in the beginning of the film, that Mama Zipporah was the woman that, ultimately, led the guys to their story.

In the past couple years we’ve had the chance, as a church (, to partner with Mama Zipporah and her home (Huruma Children’s Home) in which she houses over 150+ orphan kids. My wife (Promise Tangeman-Wurzell) and I had the chance to take a 10 day trip to Kenya (August 2009) to visit the home, do some work projects and put on a summer camp for their High School aged kids (12-20 yrs old). It was an amazing time of watching these kids smile and enjoy a really fun time.

In July 2009, Promise Tangeman-Wurzell and Barton Damer began a collaborative art project that they named ‘Art for Huruma’. The project went back and forth for the month of July in a design process called ‘layered tennis’. Essentially, each artist had the design for a few days and then they’d pass it back to the other artist. After a month they had a finished product that is now going to be put on T-Shirts and Poster Prints. All of the proceeds from this project will go directly to Huruma Children’s Home to help Mama Zipporah take care of needs around the home (food, clothing, medical, etc…).

Today is the last day to order the Poster Prints and Shirts. It would be amazing to see some people rally behind this cause that’s connecting the dots between Art and Justice. Here are the links for more on the project and to purchase the products. Thank you in advance for supporting some great art and helping the cause of the widow and the orphan! It’s ALL good.

For more on the project ‘Art for Huruma’:
TO PURCHASE T-Shirts & Prints:


3 responses to “ART FOR HURUMA :: T-Shirts & Prints :: LAST DAY TO PURCHASE

  1. Dude! Is that actually your hair!? You are peacocking!

  2. Are you going to have a second printing on the t-shirts?

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