Mentoring & Donald Miller…

I definitely have a heart for mentoring. I can, unswervingly, say that I am where I am today because of the men and women who have mentored me and are mentoring me in my life (my parents get big props on this too)!! I am so convinced that mentoring is the key in finding holistic success in our lives. I believe we all need at least one mentor in our lives if not a few. Beyond personally being mentored, I think it’s imperative that we are mentoring others at some level. We all have experiences, we all have a story and we all have ears. One of the most important elements in mentoring is listening. I know it’s not always easy, but, sometimes just through the process of listening we can learn about where people are really at and it gives us the opportunity to speak clarity and direction into the life of another person. Mentoring is a gift for all parties involved.

So, if you’ve thought about having a mentor, stop thinking about it and get one. Find that person that you respect and trust in your circle and ask them if they’d ‘mentor’ you. Find a professional mentor for your career ambitions, find a spiritual mentor to speak into your spiritual life or find someone that might have it all wrapped in one package. There’s no formula for how it can work best for you, but, just get started in being mentored.

If you’re ahead of the game and you have some mentors, well, why don’t you pursue someone to take on as a mentoring project. Find that kid you know that doesn’t quite have it all put together. Maybe there’s a son or daughter of a widow that you can just enjoy some hang time with or take to a ball game or just invite them into something you’re doing. If you’re capable of loving, you’re capable of mentoring. If it doesn’t come to you…well…then pursue it.

I can tell you that mentoring someone else can be one of the best things you’ll do for your own personal growth. Taking a step out of the life of YOU and investing yourself into someone ELSE will grow you in so many ways that cannot be explained, but, only experienced. Trust me!!

Donald Miller, who is a communicator and writer of whom I have a DEEP respect in, is taking on a deal called the Mentoring Project and he’s in the process of ramping this whole thing up alongside a group of people at The Mentoring Project. I wonder if you would just help spark this movement along with Donald by blogging about mentoring, starting to following his project, posting one of the videos or engaging in mentoring at some level.

The Mentoring Project is specifically helping to mentor fatherless boys through the means of the local church, which I believe is essential to the future and a commandment of Christ Himself. It’s time for men in the church to chunk out some time in their schedules to start mentoring guys that don’t have a dad. Women, why not take the charge too? Maybe you know some young ladies that need a female in their life to encourage, pray and invest in them. Let’s get after it!

What are your experiences with mentoring? Do you have a mentor? Do you wish you had a mentor? Do you mentor anyone? What has mentoring meant to your life? Do you wish you knew more about mentoring? Does the process scare you at all? Talk to me…I’m curious if this is something you’ve adopted in your life.

Watch the video and Click: ‘The Mentoring Project’ for more information!

8 responses to “Mentoring & Donald Miller…

  1. i’m with you i LOVE being a mentor.

    I’ve had two women in the past that have really been a blessing to me as a mentor but both of them has passed away and i have yet to find another woman whom i trust/look-up to or am even close enough to be my mentor. 😦 still trusting God to bring someone around eventually.

  2. Whoa, confirmation in the nation! I was asked to mentor two girls and was a bit hesitant because of schedule.

    After reading this, I think I know what to do.

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  4. Great post Brian. I interned with TMP over the summer and must say that they are doing some great things.

  5. Thanks Brian. I appreciate your passion for mentoring and challenge to others to engage in whatever way they feel compelled to do so.

    At first, I think the idea of being a mentor can be scary for most people. At The Mentoring Project, we hope to take the fear out of beginning the process by supporting and resourcing our mentors with tools and a community of others to journey with.

    Dennis, the young boy I mentor, continues to teach me more about what it means to love like Jesus every week.

    Thanks for your support.

  6. “Transformation is Relational” is one of my favorite quotes and life motto’s. I work with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Greater Chattanooga and we are all about Mentoring! I’m a christian, too, and I can definitely see mentoring as an extension of my faith, I desire to engage in the lives of others- accept them and love them as they are- ’cause that’s what Jesus has done for me. BBBS is not a faith-based organization, but God totally uses it to help kids! Some of the people in our program have been mentors to kids for over six years and have helped them to get into college, work through difficult family relationships, and expose them to many different aspects of life! It’s a privilege whenever someone lets you into their life, and mentoring is just that. I encourage anyone who has even an hour a week to find a mentoring program and go for it!

  7. Thank you Brian! This is my heart. This is the dream God has put in my heart.

  8. Tricia Masucci

    please keep me updated on thie website

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