The Imperfections Curve…

How have you seen this play out in your organizations? In this crazy economy your churches, business, etc… are feeling the crunch. What creative things are you doing to keep both ‘Values’ at ‘amazing’ while living with the reality of less in this season??


3 responses to “The Imperfections Curve…

  1. A Pastor friend of mine, Chris Gonzalez, brought up a good point for those of us church leaders. thoughts:

    @cgonzo: What r implications for church where “happiness” is not the goal?

    I need to think harder about that or find the interchangeable language. I think there are still implications we may just call it something different in our ‘christian’ language.

  2. we just keep working it until it gets there…and we don’t know any big christian words…

  3. i just know that God can do great things with so little! i think this economy has made all organizations rethink what is “necessary” to function and be effective. as for churches, if the bottom line is the Gospel, you just need ambassadors. period.

    as for the curve, i wouldn’t say to have no production = “this sucks.” however, i would say i find myself bothered when things are over produced. i suppose it communicates to me that the Word of God and praises to Him are not powerful enough alone.

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