Worship Workout – Part II

If you missed Worship Workout, Part I, you can watch it after the newest installment. Worship Workouts is a little segment that we do every once in a while to give you Worship Leaders some creative ideas to stay fit. We know how it is having multiple services during the weekend and these are just some very practical ways for you and your team to be a team and stay fit! ENJOY! HAHHAH


Here is Part l if you missed it earlier:


4 responses to “Worship Workout – Part II

  1. Guys, I appreciate all the workout tips. They really helped me get into shape this last season. So much that I’m entering the Most Swoll Worship Leader contest next July in Madison, WI. Really hoping to finish nicely!

    Do you all have routines for my glutes??

  2. Brian – nice gun show at the end of the video. Impressive.

  3. “It works both ways” yeah it looked like it!


  4. bahaha! So funny. This is the perfect video to watch at 2 in the morning while taking a break from writing an english paper! I just woke up my roommate because I was laughing too hard!

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