Tension: ‘The Worship Industry’

I thought this was quite a provoking thought from a great thought leader on the tension of ‘The Worship Industry’. This definitely creates more questions than answers for those of us ‘Worship Leaders’. We can tend to be suckers for the ‘feeling’ and when it’s not experienced there are many things we are quick to blame. I think we are doing ourselves and our communities a disservice when we allow the barometer of our experiences to become an industry of good feelings.

The real art is creating environments that are engaging and yet honest in their every intent. It is quite the tension. I really do think I carry a heart to create environments in which we worship honestly. I love gatherings that allow me/us to live in light of our wins and our struggles/failures. I think we need to expose both with equal value, it’s real life. Honest worship is the lament and the praise. The bowed down low and the lifted high. Recognizing our failures help us know how to celebrate our wins at another level. Recognizing, together, that we’re all in the same boat and life isn’t always a sugar coated treat is so important in our churches. People are sick, people are well, people are winning, people are losing, people fail and people succeed. This is the teeter totter of life and in all things Christ is making a way to bring glory to the Father in our ins and our outs. Following Jesus is not always as easy as we sometimes wish it could be, it’s a journey. It’s a long journey of consistent dependence on Christ, He is the Hope of Glory and we must lean into him in every season.

Worship Leaders: Do you feel like your environments and mindset provide a place for you to break the mold of ‘The Worship Industry’ which has it’s roots in pleasing the consumer? Are you finding it a task to sing things true of the reality of what it looks like to follow Jesus? What songs are you singing that bring out the lament and what songs bring out the praise? Is the art we’re creating really art or are we writing songs to produce the consumer feeling? Is the art we’re offering our communities really art or is it just an attempt at evoking that ‘feeling’ that we like, on one side or the other.

Interesting conversation. Join in!

{HT Jarrett Stevens}


3 responses to “Tension: ‘The Worship Industry’

  1. such a great post. thanks for sharing that video! i always feel like i can be myself when i worship. i never feel inhibited by my environment, really.

    sometimes i find myself getting excited about singing certain songs because i focus more on the instrumentation than the lyrics, but that’s not because of my environment. that has to do with my attitude and remembering that we sing songs to praise God and communicate truth.

  2. Thanks for posting this Brian. I totally relate to this post and I often find myself falling into the worship factory mindset. For me it’s more of the sound and lights being off that impact my “worship high”.

  3. My biggest fear used to be that when I’m concentrating so hard on playing, that if I’m not thinking about worship, I’m not worshiping. But that mentor of yours who spoke to us in workshop last year simply said “That’s your job, do it well, and you’re worshiping just by playing.” (paraphrased)

    “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…praise Him with cymbals, praise him with your instrument…”

    Worship turns out exactly how God wanted it every time, because He saw the beginning and end of it long before we were born. Let the Spirit make you His instrument.

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