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This past weekend my wife (Promise Tangeman-Wurzell) and I had the chance to go be with the McRae Family. Many of you know of the McRae’s because of their 6 year old daughter Kate who is battling against an aggressive brain tumor. If you aren’t clued in on Kate’s situation check out her website at Kate’s parents, Aaron and Holly, have become good friends of ours as they moved to Arizona last year to be on staff with us here at Cornerstone. We quickly grew to love the McRae family and our hearts break with them as they plead with God for the total healing of their daughter, Kate.

We were able to hang with them most of the day Saturday for a photoshoot of their family and we had the most amazing time. I’m amazed when we get the chance to be with the McRae’s by the way they continue to process this together as a family. Saturday was a day full of laughter, fun, ice cream, photos, going on secret spy missions with the 3 kids (Olivia, Kate and Will), Will showing his awareness to his fashion on multiple occasions, etc… We finished the day with some Olive Garden at their house, an American Idol contest (where we all judged the performers and sent them to Hollywood) and some heavy talks about their sweet girl Kate. I have to say, personally, Saturday was a day of true Christ-filled community. It was the kind of day Promise and I needed really bad. This family truly is one of the best families we know and we’re so honored to be in their lives in the midst of all that’s in front of them.

Today, sweet Kate has just checked back in to the hospital for her 6th and most intense round of chemotherapy treatment. The treatment, as I understand it, is so intense that they’ll need to be in the hospital anywhere from 4-6 weeks. They’ll be taking her system down to a place where they can reintroduce good stem cells that they harvested months ago and the hope is to reset the body with positive, healthy, cancer free cells! It will be one of the longest stays in the hospital since her brain surgery last July and they will all need huge prayer and huge encouragement during this time.

I write this to remind us all not to forget about Kate and the McRae family. They desperately need our prayers. Kate desperately needs the miraculous healing that Jesus can bring to her body. I want to ask you to take these pictures from my blog and do something with them as they begin this treatment. These pictures were taken this past weekend and Kate looked AMAZING, she has a stunning beauty and joy about her young life. Their family is a great looking bunch too (not to mention that Patrick their GoldenDoodle is the coolest dog on planet earth).

Here’s what I’m going to ask you to do:

I want to rally another movement of prayer for Kate and the McRae Family. Would you consider taking these photos and doing one or all of the following:

*Blog: Take the pictures here on my blog and use them in a blog post asking your network of people to Pray for Kate and the McRae Family. Let people know they can follow along by sending them and linking stuff on your blog post to :: In the post please ask people to post a blog/twitter/facebook with one of these pictures to invite their network of people to PRAY!

*Twitter: Send out a Twitter post to you networks telling people to pray for #katemcrae as she goes through intense treatment. Send your readers to for updates and attach one of the photos in your Twitter update. Also, ask people to RT (retweet)!

*Facebook: Send out a Facebook update and post one of the photos in your update. Remind people to pray for this family and for Kate. Please tell them to share the photo and a link to on through facebook and ask their networks to do the same

I am confident that this kind of viral blitz is an amazing way to use your online network, however big or small, as a tool to connect people for something worthy. I think people want to be invited in to pray for a girl like Kate and a family like the McRae’s. I think God loves it when we come to Him rallying for each other and trusting Him.

Thanks in advance for loving the McRae’s whether you know them personally or not. It means the world to them in this really tough season. Okay, it’s your turn to make this thing happen. Let’s light up the Social Network platforms moving people to pray, yet again, for Kate McRae!!

31 responses to “Pray for Kate :: Do Something Now

  1. great post Brian! Thanks for the reminder, the McRae’s are always in my prayers! Also re-posted!

  2. beautiful pictures, great idea.

  3. I will be sure to do a blog post and twitter/fb update tomorrow morning. I know they have had alot of generous people bless them with things but is there anything they need during this hospital stay? I know Hollys sia is staying with th em but do you know if there is someone to contact if I wanted to bring dinner? I thought about juat emailing Holly but wasnt sure because I know they have alot to worry about in the hospital. It would be so great if it hasnt been done yet to try and coordinate something to help them out and bring them some meals. I would love to be able to help however we can.

    • hey amanda…

      if you email and ask her about who is taking care of the food she will be able to get you a contact. I KNOW they could use some more people to help with this and I want to say that Lisa Alexander (Pastor Paul’s wife) is the point person on meals for the McRae’s. Thanks for re-posting and caring! Glad you guys are here at c-stone!

      • I will send an email off today. Brent and I would love to help however we can if its bringing meals or even just taking Patrick for a walk. Believing God for great things and miraculous healing for Kate. We are blessed beyond words to be apart of Cornerstone. Thank you to you and Promise for getting the word out and rally others together in prayer to bless the McRaes.

  4. I met little Kate about 6 months ago via twitter from Carlos Whittaker (loswhit) and this sweet child has forever changed my life. Never have I prayed so much or so desperately until I met the McRae’s. I wear my Pray for Kate bracelet always and tweet about her daily. I have never met Kate but I love her as my own. She is an amazing child with an amazing family. I know that God will work miracles and Kate will have an incredible testimony to tell. Never ceasing to pray, Amanda.

  5. Just to say I along with everyone else am asking God for a total healing for little Kate in Jesus Name

  6. My family has been praying for Kate; for God’s healing to work on her and we are praying for the strength of a million angels over this family. I don’t know the McRae family but we are loving you and praying praying praying.

  7. Tanya and Jeremy Kirkpatrick


  8. Praying for whole McRae family, especially Kate and Holly plus Aaron. Lord please keep Kate organs safe through all the chem. and stem cell transplant. we thank you Lord for all your promises that you will protect us and that you love us.

  9. Hey Brian, if something like this exists, please direct me to it!

    Could Promise or someone else handy with design make a 150×150 icon for supporting Kate? It is a great way to have people show support on their blog sidebars or websites and have it hyperlink back to

  10. (reposting… put in the wrong contact info!)
    Hey Brian, if something like this exists, please direct me to it!

    Could Promise or someone else handy with design make a 150Γ—150 icon for supporting Kate? It is a great way to have people show support on their blog sidebars or websites and have it hyperlink back to

  11. I will post this on In The Name of Love page! There are some amazing prayer warriors on there πŸ™‚

  12. I just read this through Bianca’s post on facebook and reposted to my friends. I know many powerful prayer warriors who fully believe in a God who heals. Praying for strength for the family, and a miracle of complete healing.

  13. Thanks for the idea! I’m a lifelong friend of Holly and her sister Steph…my heart aches for them on a regular basis and it’s such a blessing to know how many people are standing with them in prayer, believing that God could heal Kate with a whisper, should He choose. Thank you for being a friend to them and for posting this idea! I’ll be adding their latest pics to my blog tonight! Blessings…

  14. I’ve been praying for Kate and her family for months, since reading their story via Tony Merida’s twitter page. What a wonderful idea this is! Have added a post to my blog.

  15. My hearts aches for this beautiful family. I shed tears just about everytime I see a posting for little Kate. There are times when I just log in to read her updates even though emotionally it is torture!

    There are time when my children may not make me the happiest and I let my mind wander to “what if’s” and dream of how things could be better but then I think of this family and know that I am truly blessed that they are healthy, happy and know that I do not have the challenges the McRae family face everyday. I just say a little prayer for Kate and thank God for my MANY BLESSINGS!

  16. Blog post going up in the morning….been reading the caring bridge updates since they started and praying for this beautiful little girl. Hits home, too, as I’m in the Phoenix area as well.

    Praying for healing, and praying that God remind us of his presence while we join in with the sufferings of his children…

  17. Certainly will pray for Kate! Going to link to Pray for Kate on FB and Twitter–also PrayerForce at my church!

    See you at the Lamb’s supper if I don’t meet you before. Blessings Joanne


  19. Hello… i saw kate’s story in TV , I just wanna share you praying and I wish her to get well soon, her story really did touch my heart… God bless her and her family πŸ™‚

  20. Hey there. I was listening to Audrey’s song for Kate, and my heart goes out to her and her family. I am going to pray that the Lord will comfort the family and the sweet girl and give them strength for whatever His will is.

    However.. I just wanted to ask, (since you know the family).. is there any possible way that you could ask them if they would be interested in juicing? My mother and I are vegans and we are trying to go raw and part of it is to juice carrots and healthy greens and such. I know this sounds a bit weird, but it has healed a lot of people and I just wanted to share this with you since it wouldnt hurt. My mom was telling me of a child who had leukimia and he was given a week to live. They took him to a facility where they just gave him juices and hes going on 6 weeks or so? And doing much better! So if you feel the need to share this with the family, my email is

    God bless!

  21. Deborah Gilmore

    Hi – I read today that Faith is null without Deeds. I had been praying that God might show me how I could practically do something for Kate and her Family. I wrote Holly a mail and asked her permission to translate her e.mails into Italian and pass them on to the Praying People in Italy – she answered real quick and I have just started a group on FB whereby members will receive an update in Italian and get praying in a more direct and specific manner!
    From Italy…with love to you in Jesus πŸ™‚

  22. Put the pic and story on facebook and on twitter with a link to this page. Praying for Kate. Lets storm the gates of heaven for her.

  23. Deborah Gilmore

    We’ve already got people in Italy moving!!!

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