Leprosy, India and Awakening…

Videos of the Cornerstone Chandler Team hanging with the Lepers:

One of the most powerful things in this video is at the very end as one of our Pastors, Jeff Gokee, gets in front of a camera to try and talk about what he had just experienced. I was overwhelmed as I watched my very strong, manly, passionate and truth speaking friend get lost for any words to speak. I love the picture and the brokenness in the last scene of the video. Brokenness is what we need to awaken a generation to actually do something for those in need. God, ‘break our hearts for what breaks Yours’!

The next video is an interview that Jeff did with Suresh and a Leper from the colony they were in. Watch her face as they chit chat about Leprosy and then watch her light up about the last question. The UNBELIEVABLE joy and hope for Jesus in desperate people is electrifying. I wept as I saw her ooze of joy for her Jesus. What a saint!

To have the kind of capacity for joy as an outcast from society, a woman shunned from normalcy, the lowest of the caste, ‘the untouchable’ just absolutely blows my mind. I could just sense the Spirit in me leaping for His love for her as I watched the video. I could feel Gods love for this woman and for these people in my heart. POWERFUL stuff! In the same breath I could sense God moving in me saying, ‘You MUST love people like her like I love them’!

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What grabbed your attention most in this what you saw in this post? Leave a comment!!


5 responses to “Leprosy, India and Awakening…

  1. WOW brian. My whole family watched these videos. I am so removed from what goes on in the world. I had no idea people still had leprosy. thanks for sharing this brian.

  2. Wow, so touching. Thanks for sharing. God bless the ppl on the mission trip, God bless the ppl suffering from leprosy. What impacted me the most is their faith and their happiness/joy for our Lord.

    What tugs at my heart, is the fact that this disease can be cured so simply and that they are shunned…

  3. Very humbling to learn that people who have lost so much can love the Father so much! This woman’s face is soooo beautiful and I want to hug her!! Whew! God is Good!

  4. Hey Brian, thanks for posting this brother. I have been to India two times in the past few years and this is such an overlooked thing in our world. The government of India actually claim that leprosy doesn’t exist there. Most of these people have NEVER experienced any sort of kindness or love. Imagine what they are thinking when we touch them and pray for them… these are some of the people Jesus was talking about in Matthew 25:40.

  5. Wow. Super heart wrenching. I feel for these people. Thanks for sharing… so all of us can be woken up to the world around us – and the needs of those less fortunate.

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